#TheRoundUp: Nadia & Arrow's breakup, Charlene Ruto's smokie biz, actress Winnie Bwire's stage 4 cancer & other stories

Sultana actress Winnie Bwire's stage 4 cancer diagnosis made her 'laugh'


• Why Kiambu landlords refused to rent Marua and Bahati a house.

• Senator Sifuna reveals years long crush for Sarah Hassan.

This week on our hot and entertaining segment #TheRoundUp we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry that you might have missed.

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Ommy Dimpoz and Idris Sultan mourn ex-girlfriend

Makeup artiste Maya Mia is dead. The popular personality once dated Tanzanian comedian and actor Idris Sultan and singer Ommy Dimpoz but at different times.

In 2018, she was in a relationship with Idris Sultan. In 2020 she was linked to Ommy Dimpoz.

Mia was born in Macedonia but had lived in Tanzania for over a decade. Reports say before her death, she had been living in South Africa.

Idris eulogised Mia by sharing photos of Mia on social media and throwback videos of themselves.

"💔 … Innalillahi wainna illaihi rajighun 🙈(We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return)."

Dennis Okari’s wife's cute meeting with Rachel Ruto

Kenyans and Christians showed a massive turnout of love for Evelyne Wanjiru in an event dubbed Praise Atmosphere 2022, a worship and praise moment.

Dennis Okari and his wife attended the experience on Sunday At Citam Karen, December 4. The event was also graced by First Lady Rachel Ruto.

Dennis's beautiful wife even presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Ruto when she exited with her motorcade at the venue parking lot.

She gracefully curtsied while shaking Mrs. Ruto's hand. The night saw personalities from the clergy fraternity, media, and the gospel music industry grace the occasion.

What is Charlene Ruto’s role exactly?

Exactly two years ago, I wrote about politicians' kids involving themselves in political affairs. At the time, Ngina Kenyatta had given a lecture, I mean speech, on ways to accelerate youth employment in Africa. The backlash was not unwarranted. 

Charlene Ruto.
Image: Instagram

I discussed the impending effects of them taking a public stance on matters of governance. “Children of politicians should recede to the shadows where they belong, but if they choose to take a stand publicly, then they should be ready to deal with the consequences.”

However, some of these politicians' kids feel like the backseat is not for them.

They want to take action. They want to be heard and seen as individuals. That is all well and good, but a boundary has to be established.

Are you a private citizen or do you work for the government?

A question many have been asking about Charlene Ruto. Since Ruto’s government came into power, Charlene Ruto has trended on Twitter more times than the first lady or the President himself. 

Why Kiambu landlords refused to rent Marua and Bahati a house

Diana Marua and her singer husband Bahati have revealed they were denied chances to own a house in different places among them Kiambu because of their age.

According to the couple, most agencies, landlords, and homeowners felt like they would default or not be able to afford a house in such posh estates.

Sharing their experience with celebrity couples Wajesus, Milly Chebby and Terrence the mother of three

"After two days we were told they could not give us the house because we could not afford and we would be bringing parties in the house given our age."S

Bahati added that the landlords felt that adding some personal touch to the house was spoiling it.

News anchor Dennis Okari fired by NTV

Media Personality Dennis Okari is the latest victim of the ongoing retrenchment at Nation Media Group owned station NTV.

On Monday, December 5, 2022 Okari used his socials to tell his fans and viewer’s goodbye as his relationship with NTV comes to an end.

“My assignment at NTV has come to an end. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to serve.

'Gal for taking care of my hubby!' Samidoh's wife Edday thanks US promoter

Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu has thanked US-based Kenyan woman Bernice for taking care of her husband during the US tour.

The Mugitihi star was in the US for a 6-week music tour. Taking to her social media Bernice thanked Samidoh for agreeing to work with her.

"It was an amazing 6 weeks tour full of fun and Adventures, thank you Waweru Uyu, for keeping us in check. Samidoh, it was great working with you, your such a vibe. All the best in UK and Dubai shows, Edday Nderitu your husband has been in safe hands, See you in Dubai on the 17th yacht party tufunge hii kitu," Bernice wrote. 

Commenting on Bernice's post, Edday praised her for caring for her husband.

Mark Masai
Image: Instagram

'A conversation needs to be had about HR,' Fired NTV anchor, Mark Masai

Image: Instagram

Former NTV anchor Mark Masai has said that there is a need for a conversation about Human resources and how operations can be managed better.

He said this in an mid morning post on his Twitter page. On December 2 through his official Twitter account, Mark said he enjoyed his stay at the Kimathi street-based media house but will be back soon.

"NTV Kenya is a great team! These are different times. Was a great show. Time for short a commercial break. I'll be back! #FadeToBlack #StayTuned," he tweeted.

Senator Sifuna reveals years long crush for Sarah Hassan

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna is a man in love. Sifuna says he has always had a crush on award-winning actress Sarah Hassan.

He revealed that was why he accepted an invitation to attend the just concluded Kalasha awards. Speaking during the event.

Murgor sisters withdraw charges against Ndichu brothers

Cheryll and Stephanie Murgor have withdrawn assault charges against Ndichu brothers following a public apology.

The withdrawal of the assault charges against Edward Ndichu and Paul Ndichu marks the end of of the cases that affected both parties.

"This is to inform you that the public at large that the Ndichu brothers have now offered a public and unequivocal apology dated November 24, to the Murgor sisters and their companions, in terms that have been duly accepted," part of the statement read.

Jowie Irungu: Police haven't proved I killed Monica Kimani

Jowie Irungu has denied killing businesswoman Monica Kimani saying she might have been killed by an unknown man who was at her house that night.

Jowie was charged in 2018 alongside Jacque Maribe.

After hearing testimonies from 35 witnesses the court is expected to rule whether they have a case to answer or not.

In his submissions filed in court, Jowie through lawyer Hassan Nandwa said an officer had told the court that he found the DNA of an unknown male in Monica’s house.

Karen Nyamu.
Image: Instagram

'Hizi ni tabia za side chick!' Karen Nyamu blasts Samidoh's wife

Karen Nyamu has responded after Edday Nderitu thanked her husband Samidoh's promoter, Bernice Saroni, for hosting him while he was in the USA.

"Bernice thanks so much for hosting my hubby you're such an amazing soul, thanks to God the tour was successful can't wait to see him we really miss him see you in Dubai," Edday had written.

For her part, the nominated senator came back with a fiery response on her Instastories;

"If they teaming to go up against you, you gotta understand how powerful you are by yourself."

Shut up! Sarah Wairimu tells Tob Cohen's siblings

Sarah Wairimu, Tob Cohen's widow has told off Gabriel Van Straten and Benard, Cohen's siblings, to stop interfering with the ongoing probe into the death of the late billionaire businessman.

Cohen's siblings have held that Sarah had a hand in the death of their kin and even opposed the plan to withdraw the case.

DPP Noordin Haji however on Tuesday withdrew the case paving the way for the creation of an inquest into Cohen's mysterious death.

But in a rejoinder to the onslaught sustained by Cohen's siblings, Sarah has literally told them to hold their horses and let investigators handle their matter.

Education CS: Government to abolish boarding schools

From January, the government will do away with boarding primary schools for pupils learning in grades 1 to 9.

New Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang' revealed on Tuesday that parents will have to take their primary schools kids to day schools.

The net effect of the radical policy means that pupils transiting to Junior Secondary Schools will join day schools in their home areas.

Boy, 4, who survived in the Tsavo for 6 days alone rescued

A four year old boy who had been reported missing has been rescued alive. The young lad was found alone in the Tsavo National Park where he had been for the last six days.

He got lost while out herding livestock with his brothers. Accounts provided online suggest the boy was sighted by a Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Pilot.

The pilot named Roan Carr Hartley was delighted to have rescued the boy who was reported missing on November 29 from the chief of Asa, a community 52 kilometres east of the northern Tsavo East park boundary.

Cost of Abel Mutua's elegant Kalasha award outfit

Film director Abel Mutua has won lots of accolades and his star is still rising. The content creator took home six awards at the just concluded Kaalsha awards.

He walked the red carpet and the glitz he oozed caught our attention. He said his tailor aims for perfection.

Dorea Chege exposes female friends hitting on her man

Kenyan actress Dorea Chege has exposed women hitting on her bae in his DM. She says some of these women are her friends. Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, she narrated.

Dj Dibul and Dorea serving couple goals
Dj Dibul and Dorea Chege. Dj Dibul and Dorea serving couple goals
Image: Instagram

"Women have been hitting on my bae... including my friends.

Sometimes I see their DM's and am like 'I wish I kept my relationship private'.

Asked why she changed the name of her You Tube channel to a 'family' name she said.

"Have you ever been with someone who made you feel he is the one?

I feel at home. If he breaks up with me I will become a pastor."

How did she know he is the one?

Terence Creative-I thought intimacy in marriage happens everyday

Content Creator Terence Creative says he thought he would get physical intimacy daily after getting married.

But this seems like a far-fetched dream as he now says he gets intimacy like patients get deworming dosage.

On Milly Chebby's YouTube channel, the couple shared some of the things they wish they knew before they got married.

Sultana actress Winnie Bwire's stage 4 cancer diagnosis made her 'laugh'

Sultana actress 'Dida' also known as Winnie Bwire says she laughed when doctors gave her a positive cancer diagnosis report.

The actress was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2022. In an interview with Cheptoek Boyo, she narrated;

"I knew when it was too late. I noticed the things we are taught to look out for are not always there. I did not have those signs.

I just started having pain under my armpit when my menses came. My first month I ignored it because the swelling disappeared after my menses ended."

Unknown to Bwire things were about to get worse.

Woman going blind after tattooing her eyeballs

Anaya Peterson's tale is a devastating story about a woman who tattooed her eyeballs purple and blue causing her to start losing her vision.

According to reports, the woman brushed off her daughter's advice to not get her eyeballs tattooed due to potential blindness, and now she's losing her vision.

It is reported that she started going blind three weeks after getting her tattoos done. She narrated to Kennedy news that;

“I was just going to get one [eye tattoo] at first, because I thought that if I go blind, at least I’ve got the other eye. I should have stuck with that."

Charlene Ruto: I sold smokies while in Daystar

A video of Charlene Ruto where she claims she sold street food while in campus is making rounds online and Kenyans cannot seem to contain their reactions following this.

In the now-viral clip shared on Twitter, one of President William Ruto's daughter, Charlene Ruto was giving a speech during the 5th National Student Leaders Summit at the University of Nairobi and she can be heard talking passionately about a side hustle business that she had back in her campus days. 

"I made a business of selling smokie Kachumbari, I was studying at Daystar University and that is what used to sell the most, smokie Kachumbari," started off the first daughter.

Sarah Hassan.
Image: Instagram

Sarah Hassan finally responds to Senator Sifuna's confession

Popular actress Sarah Hassan has responded to Senator Sifuna's public decree about his undying crush on her.

The actress reacted to the senator's confessions after a friend of hers posted a screenshot of an outlet that had reported on the same and tagged her.

"He! Sarah Hassan there is a new name for you... shorey wa kuwakunywa," the guy posted on his Instagram stories accompanied by several laughing emojis.

Reposting the article on her Instastories, the mother of one downplayed the story as she asked her friend to stop joking around, writing;

Origin of Charlene Ruto's 'Quickmart Ivanka' nickname explained

Kenyans on Twitter, popularly known as KOT, are creative people when it comes to giving names to famous people in the country.

Soon after the first daughter of President William Ruto was seen on various visits to the country, Kenyans on Twitter came up with a nickname that has now been widely used to refer to Charlene Ruto.

'Quickmart Ivanka' is the name she has been associated with especially after she was seen shopping in one branch of the chain supermarket, Quickmart.

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have broken up

Singer Nadia Mukami and her man Arrow Bwoy have broken up. Nadia took to her social media to tell that all is not well between the couple. Nadia on Thursday, December 7 admitted

"Just to clarify to the guys trying to book Arrow Bwoy and me, we have not been together for a while."

The Kai Wangu singer continued to tell that;

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