Boy, 4, who survived in the Tsavo for 6 days alone rescued

A 4 year old boy who has been missing is found alive

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• A wildlife pilot led the air search.

• A search party was also on foot.

boy rescued from tsavo wilflide park after 6 days alone
boy rescued from tsavo wilflide park after 6 days alone

A four year old boy who had been reported missing has been rescued alive. The young lad was found alone in the Tsavo National Park where he had been for the last six days.

He got lost while out herding livestock with his brothers. Accounts provided online suggest the boy was sighted by a Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Pilot.

The pilot named Roan Carr Hartley was delighted to have rescued the boy who was reported missing on November 29 from the chief of Asa, a community 52 kilometres east of the northern Tsavo East park boundary.

Hartley explained that all odds were against the child, who was alone in the vast wilderness packed with wild animals including lions and hyenas.

"It was an unforgiving environment for any person to be alone, let alone a child so young."

boy from Asacommunkty rescued
boy from Asacommunkty rescued

The young boy disappeared during stormy weather.  The wildlife organization has detailed how the boy was found on their website.

"While ground teams tried to track his tiny footprints, our fixed-wing pilot supported the search party from the air. One lost night stretched into several, and it seemed increasingly impossible that the child would be found alive in such a vast, unforgiving landscape. But then, on the sixth day, a miracle happened."

The search party recorded success after six days. He was alive and walking. The pilot signaled to the search party on foot who eventually got to the boy.

He was covered in mosquito bites and scratches from the bristling thorn bushes. His feet were blistered.

The pilot added; "They eventually got to the boy, who was frozen still in disbelief that his ordeal was over. Upon reaching him, they lifted him above their shoulders and began cheering and chanting. It was a sight that made me well up as I watched from above."

He has been rewarded with a goat.

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