Cost of Abel Mutua's elegant Kalasha award outfit

The 12th edition of the Kalasha International Film and TV Awards took place on Saturday night

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Film and TV stars came out to celebrate each other.

• Abel Mutua walked away with 6 awards.

abel mutua 26k outfit
abel mutua 26k outfit

Film director Abel Mutua has won lots of accolades and his star is still rising. The content creator took home six awards at the just concluded Kaalsha awards.

He walked the red carpet and the glitz he oozed caught our attention. He said his tailor aims for perfection.

"Hatari sana ikifika mambo ya suti hivi, amenipiga shati safi" The shoes he wore cost 13k, the blazer was sh6k, the shirt sh3k, the trouser 2,500k, and the shoes were the most expensive, costing 13k."

Mutua, his business partner Phillip Karanja, and the PhilIt team won Best Viewers Choice Award (Feature Film) through Click Click Bang.

The film and TV awards were held on Saturday, December  3 with Abel telling Mpasho's Dennis Milimo that he was honoured.

"The award for best feature film is a done deal, it's a done deal it's a wrap if you get this uko sawa."

Abel had some timely advise to film producers for 2023. He encouraged them to involve filmgoers when premiered a movie 

"I have this thing of calling their friend producers yet films are produced for fans. Tunafaa tumalizane nayo 2022. Tusiwahi rudi hapo tena Films are produced for fans not your fellow producers. . This leads me to my second point."

He also dished free advise about budgeting for movies, insisting that a marketing budget must always be included.

"One of the most crucial items in your budget must be for sales and marketing. Lazima cinema ifikishwa kwa wananchi. Otherwise hakuna kitu tunafanya, and furthermore we won't be building a film culture locally if we do it for ourselves as filmmakers."

Mutua and his team have been on several county tours where he has learnt that mashinani is ignored in filmmaking premiers.

He has been to Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa and intends to expand his reach.

"Lazima presence yako ikuwe felt kwa ground. You must go to the ground."

Watch the interview below;

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