• Anerlisa blasts Diana Marua after admitting she dated multiple men.

• Cashy wins court battle against baby daddy Khaligraph Jones

. They all feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp
Dr Mercy Korir, Kate Actress, Tanasha Donna, Zuchu, Diana Marua . They all feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp

This week on our hot and entertaining segment #TheRoundUp we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry that you might have missed.

So, let’s get down to the business of the day;

Dejected Zuchu sobs after first show in America

anzanian superstar Zuchu has admitted that she had a failed show in Houston, Texas. This was Zuchu's first stop on her American tour.

In a message on social media, Zuchu admitted that she cried over the show, saying that it was a lesson to do better in the future.

"As an artist, nobody ever prepares you for moments like this. My show in Houston Didn't Go as planned," she said.

"Ila Namshukuru kila Aliejitokeza Kwa ajili yangu (I thank everyone that came out to see me) I love y'all . As I'm crying and sobbing right now ila Hii leo Imenipa Hasira ya kufanya zaidi." (Today has given me the strength to do more).

"Recently I lost my energy to even work hard Kibinaadamu tu, I kept asking why did I choose this career but moments like this zinanipa majibu ya kwamba a few chosen ones hutolewa kama mfano ili ije kua rahisi kwa wengine."

She went on to say;

"Kina Simba wanawezajae Yarrabi well in their stories kuna A lot of failures Ndo pengine zinawafikish Walipo . I ACCEPT FAILING AS A PART OF MY SUCCESS."

However, she didn't explain what caused the show to fail. 

Congrats! Msupa S is now a married woman!

US-based Kenyan artiste Msupa S, is now officially married to the father of her child. The singer held a civil marriage while dressed in a white wedding gown, rocking a white pair of heels and a white bouquet of flowers.

Her husband stepped out in a black and white suit. The 'Watajua Hawajui' hitmaker shared her wedding photos with fans and wrote;

"3 years down the line and finally today on the 18th of November 2022 I said yes I do to my best friend and the love of my life ❤️."

From us at Mpasho, all we can say is congratulations to the couple.

Jalang'o addresses viral TBT photo with Diana Marua

Diana Marua was in the news over the last couple of days after confessing in a video that she dated multiple men simultaneously.

In the old video that resurfaced online on Thursday, November 17, Diana is heard defending her actions.

Former Kiss FM show host now Langata MP
Jalango Former Kiss FM show host now Langata MP
Image: Instagram

She also spoke about being a side chick to a married man. One of the men that has been listed as the possible married man was Lang'ata MP, Jalang'o.

The comedian and former radio presenter has now spoken out about it.

In an interview on Saturday, November 19, Jalango denied being linked to Marua. He told Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel that; 

"I didn't see, I didn't even know Diana was trending until a friend of mine showed me a photo. I remember that photo must have been taken more than 15 years ago when my friend used to have a boutique at Jamia Mosque. and Diana had come in to buy clothes. I think she was a superstar. Diana was a superstar throughout. We took a photo with her and saw Ghafla write and put my photo, with very funny captions, it's so sad."


"And it really hurts when you just write things without knowing what somebody is going through," he added.

Cashy wins court battle against baby daddy Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Karimi Muriungi also known as Miss Cashy has hinted that she has won the child custody case against her baby daddy rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Cashy and Papa Jones have been embroiled in an ugly fight online for the longest time over their 4-year-old son Xolani.

Karimi was dragged to court after going public with the challenges she has been going through when it comes to raising her child.

The female rapper had accused Khaligraph of being a deadbeat dad.

“The Weapons that formed against us did not prosper. The whole year they tried to take my baby away from me but God delivered justice for Xolani when it seemed impossible.

"They tried to deny his presence and rights, but God is faithful. They dismissed, discouraged, threatened, insulted, and labeled me, did the most to humiliate and intimidate me who is God?”

I have never been dumped in my life - Tanasha Donna brags

In an Instagram live session that Tanasha Donna held last evening the musician revealed that never in her life has she ever been dumped, she's always the one to walk away from relationships when they no longer suit her.

"Honestly speaking, I'm not trying to brag but I have never been dumped in my life, never. It is just the truth I have never been dumped," casually said the mother of one.

She went on to add," I'm the one who always leaves. Maybe because I feel certain needs are not being met or I feel like we're not aligning on the same page or something along those lines."

The news comes as a surprise as just 3 months ago Tanasha took to her Instagram stories to rant over how she'd been played by a guy she was seeing.

She narrated how she found out through social media that the guy was actually taking her for a joy ride as he was not single as he had earlier claimed to be.

A fan asked the "Gere" hit maker whether she was currently seeing anyone and she at first toyed with the idea.

Anerlisa blasts Diana Marua after admitting she dated multiple men

Content creator Diana Marua trended after her viral video where she confessed to sleeping with multiple men for money.

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has weighed in, telling Diana that there is a need to differentiate what should be private and what should go public.

Anerlisa blasts Diana Marua after admitting she dated multiple men
Anerlisa blasts Diana Marua after admitting she dated multiple men

Anerlisa advised Diana that if she wanted to help people by sharing the story, she should have used " a friend " as a reference and the message would be heard.

Admitting to being a great fan of Diana, Anerlisa added that such information could make people judge her.

"Nothing against Diana, I am one of the people who admire her as a mum but why the need to come out right now? Sad truth is that people will go straight to the body count... 

My point of view is that I think after being a mother and having a man who has accepted all your flaws, this kind of information should be kept private. 

Your past sometimes can get people viewing you differently even if it's to help people and if you really want to tell the story using " a friend " as a reference, the message will be heard."

Diana Marua has since owned up to the video, stating that it’s still up on her channel and she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Diana Marua said she was surprised to see herself trending because of a video she did years back.

Corazon Kwamboka shuts down fan who said she can't keep a man

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Corazon Kwamboka clapped back at a fan who tried to attack her with claims that she can't keep a man.

Kwamboka put up a video with an explanation that she was training her daughter to sleep and a fan got triggered for no good reason.

“Today we have started sleep training Koko. I remember with Taiyari it took us three days to successfully train him. Let's see how it goes,” Corazon wrote.

The post prompted a female fan to react, accusing the socialite of being dumped with every man she has dated.

"Who are you talking to and who is 'we'? You were dumped. Every man you fall in love with ends up dumping you,” the fans wrote.

In a quick rejoinder, Corazon wrote;

"Woiye, Ugua pole" before adding "I feel sorry for people like these,".

“How can something like sleep training a baby trigger a human being? Please send prayers to this lady, she's not okay,".

This is not the first time Corazon Kwamboka is clapping back at her critics. Celebrities go through a lot as Netizens tend to dictate how they should live their lives. 

Tanasha Donna meets with Floyd Mayweather in Dubai

Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna is in Dubai.She got the chance to hang out with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Taking to her Instagram, Miss Donna shared a video showing what she is doing on her vacation.

From shopping for jewelry to a fine dining experience, Tanasha is living the soft life.

The Diamond's baby mama showed the amazing views that were impressing her as she dined at the Enish Restaurant.

Tanasha Donna.
Image: Instagram

Enish is a Nigerian-owned establishment; 'Thank you for having me at Enish, the best African restaurant in Dubai amazing view," Miss Donna caption a video from the night.

She also met legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, who granted her a photo opportunity.

Why singer Mbosso has been forced to cancel US tour

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has postponed his American tour that was meant to take place end of November to mid-December.

The singer says his doctor advised that he stays home due to an unannounced illness.

"Hello my USA fans, due to medical reasons, the doctor recommended that  shoud not travel or sit in a plane for more than eight hours."

"This has come at a time where I am supposed to start my USA tour from Thanksgiving weekend."

"I apologize to all my fans, promoters and anybody who was waiting to see me at this time."

"New tour dates will be announced as soon as I get clearance from my doctor I guarantee you that the tour will happen."

In a past interview Mbosso said since his childhood, he has had an illness where his hands shake, hence he can't hold anything firmly.

The 'Hodari' hitmaker told Tanzanian media pundits that when he first got into the music industry, people thought he was under the influence of drugs.

“Kipindi naingia Mkubwa Na Wanae Viongozi wangu walidhani kuna vitu natumia Kutokana na kutetemeka kwangu . Nilijaribu kwenda kwa wataalamu Lakini Wakaniambia kuwa huu ni Ugonjwa wangu wa Kuzaliwa hivyo siwezi kupona” Mbosso opened up

(When I was signed by Mkubwa Na Wanawe, my management thought I was using illegal stuff, since I kept trembling. I went to doctors who told me that the sickness will probably not end).

Kate Actress on why she reversed weight loss procedure

Kate Actress has revealed that she reversed the weight loss procedure she had opted for after it went against her wish.

A few months ago, Kate announced she had undergone a gastric balloon procedure to shed some weight. 

Speaking in a recent interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of two said she stayed with the balloon for four months.

Kate has since embarked on working out and managing the portions of food she takes.

According to Kate, in the first few weeks, she lost 15kg and she felt like it was too much to lose in such a short time.

"Thankfully there is something I can do. I told them (the hospital), I wanted to lose weight but not this much coz I still want to be a curvy girl," she narrated.

Kate added that she wanted to lose 20kg but she had no idea that losing even 5kg was such a huge difference in how she would look.

"I realised that my body would shrink and I might not look like the same person. I would not look nice. I talked to them and they told me after a month they would incorporate movement and change my diet so I don't end up losing so much and look saggy," she said.

Dr Mercy Korir lands new job after resigning from KTN

Award-winning media personality Dr. Mercy Korir has landed a new job days after parting ways with Standard Media Group.

Dr. Mercy Korir joisn AAR after leaving KTN

On Tuesday, November 15, medical journalist, Dr. Mercy Korir, news anchor Sharon Momanyi and seasoned Foreign Affairs editor, Lilian Odera resigned from the Standard Group. 

Following the resignation, Dr. Korir has already landed a new job at AAR Hospital as their Business Development Manager effective immediately.

Reports indicate that the top KTN management tried to convince her to stay but all was in vain as she had already made up her mind. 

The health and science editor (Korir) was a highly recognized journalist, who has won several awards in her journalism industry.

She is set to use her vast experience in the medical and communication sector to position AAR Hospital as the choice Health provider for Kenyans. 

Amber Ray on why has stopped wearing engagement ring

Socialite Amber Ray has explained why she will not be wearing her engagement ring for the next few days.

Amber shared a message on her Instagram to her fans before speculations are made.

The businesswoman disclosed that she will be taking her engagement for resizing purposes.

She shared;

"Dear bloggers,I won’t have my engagement Diamond Ring for the next couple of days for resizing purposes. Yours truly Ambe Ray."

Amber Ray said yes to a proposal from her man Kennedy Rapudo in Dubai a week ago.

Amber and Rapudo took some time off to treat the queen to her birthday last week.

Ray used her socials to inform her Instagram In-laws that she said 'Yes' - putting on display a huge Diamond ring on her finger.

"Comments fupi fupi tafadhali🤣😅 ……#itsayes," Amber captioned her video.

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo also put up a video, celebrating her lover with a caption that says; "Diamonds are forever.

I spend at least Sh100K on my event outfits - Kate Actress

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress was praised for her recent outstanding dress code at the Black Panther Wakanda Forever premiere in Nairobi. 

She earned praise from Kenyans after stealing the show with many stating that she was the best-dressed celebrity at the event.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Kate said she felt appreciated and recognized for her efforts.

Kate Actress at Wakanda Forever premiere

"I don't do these things for myself because I don't do it alone. I have a team. The first thing is getting the designer right that is a person who understands you and your body's flaws and your personality," she said.

Kate added that Style by Neomi is a collaborative effort and they have since understood each other. She said Neomi knows what she doesn't like to put on in public and other details.

"From the beginning, it is just getting the designer who understands you well. Anyone can get the outfit but the way you carry the outfit means a lot."

Asked how long it took her to come up with her stylish dress for the Wakanda event, Kate said they had so many ideas but only settled on the one she wore three days before the main event.

She revealed that she spends over sh100k for a single event to get dressed.

"It is expensive. I don't think there is a day, Neomi and I have spent less than sh100k to look good. That is why I don't go for all events," she said explaining why she does not attend free gigs.

"People thought I had an ego when I said I don't attend events that I have not been paid for. It's coz I put a lot of effort and you need to be seen."

Lessons Catherine Kasavuli has learnt from her Hospital bed

Seasoned media personality Catherine Kasavuli updated her fans about her health days after she asked people to donate blood for her.

In an update on her socials, Kasavuli said that she is a strong woman - thanking people who have been praying for her.

She went on to share 6 key lessons she has learnt in the last couple of months as she battles cancer.

She encouraged her followers to always make peace with their families.

Lessons Kasavuli has learnt in the last couple of months; -

1. Your family is all you got at the end of the day, make peace with them, and try to be in good books with them. Even if you feel otherwise.

2. Always depend on your Higher Power, pray for as much as you can, at least while you have the strength.

3. If you have at least 2 friends or colleagues you can always count on, appreciate them. They're very rare.

4. Don't lose hope, keep on believing, and hope courageously.

5. Love your body, treasure it.

6. Finally always do good, it will always come back to you, eventually. Thank you, good people,".

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