Charlene Ruto: I sold smokies while in Daystar

She claimed her father was super supportive and encouraged her to take up the business

• Charlene graduated from Daystar University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication back in 2015

President-elect William Ruto and daughter Charlene Ruto.
Image: Instagram

A video of Charlene Ruto where she claims she sold street food while in campus is making rounds online and Kenyans cannot seem to contain their reactions following this.

In the now-viral clip shared on Twitter, one of President William Ruto's daughter, Charlene Ruto was giving a speech during the 5th National Student Leaders Summit at the University of Nairobi and she can be heard talking passionately about a side hustle business that she had back in her campus days. 

"I made a business of selling smokie Kachumbari, I was studying at Daystar University and that is what used to sell the most, smokie Kachumbari," started off the first daughter.

She went on to add that her dad was super supportive and encouraged her to go on with the business.

"He really encouraged me in that small business that I was doing. And one principle that he taught me that I want to pass down to you all...." but before Charlene could finish she was interrupted by the audience.

She went to ask, "Why are you all laughing? Why? What is up?"

To which the crowd lively responded voicing that they felt Charlene was lying.

The crowd went up with responses such as, "Uwongo! Those are lies.... uwongo bana. Mtoto wa deputy president? Aaahh Wakenya si wajinga bana,(Kenyans are really not that stupid)" as the hall burst out into laughter.

Charlene who is the Director of PR and Branding at Weston Hotel Nairobi graduated from Daystar University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication back in 2015.

At the time her father was serving in his first term as the Deputy President of Kenya alongside former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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