Why Kiambu landlords refused to rent Marua and Bahati a house

The couple are in their 30's.

• The Bahati's moved into their new house this year.

• Bahati gifted his wife Diana Marua the 6-bed roomed house on valentines day.

The couple says they were denied a chance to own a house in posh Kiambu estates because of their age.
Bahati with Diana Marua. The couple says they were denied a chance to own a house in posh Kiambu estates because of their age.
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Diana Marua and her singer husband Bahati have revealed they were denied chances to own a house in different places among them Kiambu because of their age.

According to the couple, most agencies, land lords and home owners felt like they would default or not be able to afford ha house in such posh estates.

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"After two days we were told they could not give us the house because we could not afford and we would be bringing parties in the house given our age."S

Bahati added that the landlords felt that adding some personal touch to the house was spoiling it.

Bahati gifted his wife Diana a new fully furnished house on Valentines day.

Presenting the house the artist bragged

“I have taken time to get you this gift because this has been your dream for so long. This is your gift you can be proud of it and be proud that you own it… I know you have been waiting for so long and I know you are not expecting this but...

“You are now a proud owner of this Mansion and it's fully furnished,” Bahati said.

An emotional, Diana reacted to the massive gift saying,

 “Thank you, baby. I love you so much. My baby got me a chopper ride to surprise me with a new house, a whole mansion. Thank you god for teaching me patience, you indeed make it beautiful in your own time."

"My king Bahati I am overwhelmed with joy, with gratitude. I still don't have words to explain how I feel. thank you for giving us the best, a whole palace. I am the happiest woman on earth right now!

Welcome to the Bahatis residence, omg,” said an emotional Diana who could not keep the tears from falling.

The house sits on a 50 by 100 plot of land with a total floor area of 340 square meters.

The master bedroom features a walk-in closet, a dressing table, a huge bathroom that is fitted with a bathtub (and can also double up as a jacuzzi).

It also has a bedroom balcony, A TV room among other things. They also have an in house chef.

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