Unthinkable transitions of popular Kenyan personalities

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Johnson Sakaja turned from gospel rapper to renown politician.

• Xtian Dela was a gospel artist who turned into a controversial content creator. 

in a file photo
Johnson Sakaja in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Kenyan personalities from political to content creation were once different individuals from whom we perceive them to be today,

Good girl gone bad is being served on our menu today.

We see a lot of faces that if someone told us otherwise, from what they have depicted, we would lack certainty.

Here are a few who make it to today’s plate;

Johnson Sakaja

Sakaja went from a lyrical assassin to the hardcore politician.

Sakaja is now the man with the bars after the Sakaja - Igathe gubernatorial debate.

The politician, before joining the political arena, was a gospel rapper.

He worked with a gospel music group; called Mission Driven on the song ‘Save me Savior’ (Forgive).

Individually, he wrote several songs, but the recordings never came to life.

He is, indeed the man with the 'bars' regardless of the room he enters.

Check ou one of his music projects.

Kenyan Music Video - Save me Saviour (Forgive) by Mission Driven missiondrivenministry.org

Xtian Dela

Aurther Mandela, better known as Xtian Dela, is a gospel artist turned controversial content creator.

Yes, you heard that right; Xtian Dela was a gospel artist in his former life.

He revealed in a past interview that he quit gospel music due to hypocrisy.

The content creator revealed that 80% (thank God for the 20%) of the gospel artists were hypocrites and went ahead, to mention names. 

The former gospel artist, is now known as the mind behind some explicit content, that even landed him in the crosshairs of law enforcement agencies. Xtian was even summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

He was summoned due to the live sessions he called ‘Club Covid’ that he hosted on his Instagram from midnight to 4:00 am during the pandemic.

Xtian has bagged countless awards out of his content creation journey e.g. the ‘Best Facebook Profile' in Africa and the ‘Second Most Influential Twitter Personality in Africa’ in the Africa Bloggers Awards.

Andrew Kibe

Bold of you to think we were about to leave Kifee out.

Kibe has portrayed himself as a no-nonsense content creator with a strong stand for men and advocacy against feminism.

At the outset, Kibe was a staunch believer in Christianity.

He later back-slide when he learned of 'church hypocrisy'. At one point, he even came close to becoming a pastor.

He got married in a church wedding but later divorced with wife.

The liberal-minded individual is a father to a 12-year-old whom he sired in his marriage, but he claims he has never seen him since birth.

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