Xtian Dela welcomes baby with Fatmah Banj

Xtian Ndela and his bae Fatma
Image: Instagram

Celeb couple Xtian Dela and Fatmah Banj have welcomed their new born baby.

Dela announced the news today.

The couple made the announcement about the pregnancy when the wife was already seven months pregnant.

The August reveal saw them post-baby bump photos that got tongues wagging.

In the same post Dela thanks Fatmah for helping him turn over a new leaf and helped him have a clean shave and become more mature and focused.

He continued by writing that he has started a new chapter in his life focusing on family and politics and he must make Westlands and Kenya better for his baby.

This also begs the question if he will stop hosting club covid or now that curfew has been lifted it is off his hands.

Fatmah is yet to make any announcements in relation to her newborn. Of course, she may still be getting some rest as the nurses attend to her.

Congratulations to Xtian Dela and his partner Fatmah Banj.

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