Xtian Dela reveals Ringtone introduced him to alcohol, exposes popular gospel DJ for drinking

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Xtian Dela has exposed controversial gospel artiste Ringtone for introducing him to alcohol.

He revealed that he visited Ringtone's Runda house and he served him alcohol.

Ringtone ni mwingine bro, nilienda kwake Runda na akanitolea red sweet Asconi wine and he changed my perspective though that's not the first time I STARTED TAKING ALCOHOL,' he said in an interview with Jalang'o.

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He started off in the gospel industry but later quit, citing hypocrisy and fakeness.

"I was a worship leader in church and spoke in tounges," he said.


"Tulikuwa unaenda missions and watu wanachipoiana vibaya sana [People used to have sex a lot whenever we traveled out of the city for missions] and then I was is this the gospel we're approaching? Almost 80% of the gospel artistes take weed, alcohol, and fornicate more than those in secular industry." 

He didn't mince his words and bashed the gospel players for not living according to the word of God.

There's a time we went to an event where we were served alcohol and there was a famous DJ who was drinking.

Xtian went ahead to expose Willy Paul, who quit the gospel industry a few months ago, claiming he used to take alcohol from way back.

"Ni vizuri Willy ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. Alikuwa anajificha sana," he said.

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Kenyans have reacted to Xtian's allegations and comments include;

Nereah Oburu Ringtone anajua kuchomea watu Leo Ata yeye amechomewa😂😂😂😂

Annexis Muriu Ringtone anamarinate watu huko nje 😂😂

teddiegodwiller Apo kwa famous gospel dj kalewa kama mimi namjua😂😁

African Music Man Kenyan gospel music inakaa Tu ivyo so this is NT a surprise to me

John Orimbo Umechoma bro'. Hii wikii hautakaa kwa amani😂

bella_eye Hapo kwa Ringtone aki 🤣🤣🤣🤣Dela continue lifting others coz you never know who is watching 👏👏🙏

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