Kenyans react to Sandra Mbuvi's lavish menu for her dog

Kenyan's were shocked that dogs had an elaborate 3 meals a day weekly plan

• Sandra Mbuvi is former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko's daughter.

• Sandra's favourite dog is called Angel whom she actually opened an Instagram page for. 

dog, Angel
Sandra Mbuvi posing with her dog, Angel
Image: Instagram

Sandra Mbuvi, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko's youngest daughter, caused an online frenzy after she shared a detailed 3 meal weekly plan for her dogs.

During an Instagram QnA session, a curious fan asked Sandra to share with them what her dogs eat and the young lady obliged and shared on her stories a screenshot of her dogs' weekly menu from of what they have from breakfast to dinner.

The post caused a frenzy online as people couldn't believe the post. It seemed absurd that dogs were being fed fancy things such as scrambled eggs and fruits.

Like I am okay with that but they have veggies as well? Broccoli? No way. 

Sandra Mbuvi message
Image: Instagram

Kenyans could not seem to wrap their minds around the menu and they joked about how the dogs lived better than them and also compared how their dogs or their village dogs live.

Sandra is an avid dog lover, her favourite out of the five dogs is Angel whom she refers to as her daughter and even opened an Instagram page for her.

Below are some of the reactions:

__miss.wendy: Dogs are eating scrambled eggs and broccoli? Where do I sign up?

kikuyu_og._: yetu huwaa hatujui Pahali inakula lakini naonanga inanona Daily😂

nimrodnick: My village dogs are very independent, they hustle for their meal, and then we both meet in the evening for shelter 😂😂😂😂when there is a danger they alert and leave you for dead if you survive fine if you don’t then they know the streets 😂😂😂😂they are named: Sadam,Bosco,Garang’ name more

lorde.monty._: me commenting after surviving on ugali and strungi for two days 😢

finesse_ngara_: Naweza kuwa mbwa kwao????

2mbili: That dog is starving, 😂😂 Hata aipee pizza Sundays,it remains a dog.Umbwaaaaaaaa!!!

bobo__sultan: 😂Mimi yangu hukula viboko

iambrianelon: Someone's dog eating a balanced diet out here

official_vincent: Weeeuh...soft life...pesa nzuri jamani😍❤️

evansc._: Alfu Kuna Mimi binadamu ninainama lunch ipite😢

westtarget: Pesa iko matumizi hakuna😂

kikuyu_og._: One of the rare moments I wish I was a dog.😢

its._luciee: Saturday na Sunday hazikuli😂 Is there a space ya mbwa ingine kubwaa 😂😂🤣😂comrade anaeza bwekaa

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