• A few months ago, Vivianne raised some concerns after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues.

• Vivianne, and her fiancé Sam West celebrated their ruracio ceremony in 2018

Couple Vivianne and Sam West
Couple Vivianne and Sam West
Image: courtesy

Singer Vivian Kenya says trolls will always have an opinion about what celebrities share online. She was responding to allegations that she had broken up with her bae, Sam West after a viral post.

Speaking to Word Is, the 'Chingi Changa' hitmaker declined to comment on the issue but said people will always judge you and talk.

"Let’s all learn to be authentic. I know many fear rejection but deceit is equally bad. We all need more empathy and compassion."

A few months ago, Vivianne raised some concerns after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues. Vivianne on her stories captioned a worrying note;

"This week has been very tough. Actually, the last six months but this week has summed it up. I feel like many things are not working and I can’t do tough love anymore. I’m extremely hurt and broken and I’m not sure what this is doing to my brain."

Vivian added, "I’ve been working so hard I hope I get some good news soon. May the universe provide me enough grace and care to love me unconditionally."

Speaking about her biggest regret in life, Vivian said not believing in all her superpowers sooner.

"This year my main goal is to graduate. I’m back in school studying psychology. The mind and brain are interesting spaces, and I’m passionate."

Vivianne is promoting her new album #ViviTheAlbum which she said has received a lof of support from her fans.

"We’re past half a million streams on boomplay and other streaming sites. Everyone should listen to it. My team and I are planning a launch."

Asked if she has ever been body-shamed and how she handled it, Vivian said;

"I think strongly every woman has been body shamed. Right now as long as I’m comfortable I stick to that. I love my body and I’m comfortable in my skin."

As a celeb, Vivian also spoke about having an interest in politics and what she thinks about the new breed of politicians.

"Politics in Kenya can be disappointing. But it’s also good to focus on productivity. Tuseme tu we have an expressway but pia watu waogope Mungu.

If one’s intention as a leader is to take advantage of the people then that’s blood on your hands. Times are not easy. But also as a nation we need to study and follow principles that work in life. Liberate our minds and stop blaming everyone else."

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