• When asked what her current relationship with Vivianne is, Sosuun clarified that they were just business partners as of now.

Rapper Sossun
Rapper Sossun

Rapper Sosuun and vocalist Vivianne recently engaged in a catfight after trading words on Instagram.

The fight was brought about over a shady birthday message Vivianne directed towards Sossun on her big day.

Sosuun replied to the post assuring Vivianne that she was going to deal with her for the disrespect she'd shown her online.

And true to her words, days later Sosuun stormed into a studio during Vivianne's recording session and the two exchanged words before hands started flying. 

The two recently did an interview together and seemed quite cordial for humans who'd been in an altercation.

When asked what her current relationship withVivianne is, Sosuun clarified that they were just business partners as of now.

'Our relationship is business... we're doing business and pushing what we love most...Vivian is gifted, I believe I'm gifted... when two people with the same strong personality meet it can be conflicting sometimes to work together." Sosuun said.

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She added that the 'fight' was not a stunt to push their new project together. 

"Nilikuwa nauliza na mama yangu, kwa nini unachapa mwenzako huko." Sosuun added that her mom actually did contact her and quarreled with her over the fight.

On if the two are still friends on top of working together, Vivianne was quick to second Sossun's sentiments. 

"Sisi tuko works... sisi ni madada wembe, hatutaki story. We don't do clout... sisi ni madada wembe... we create good content,"Vivianne said 

Vivianne confirmed that she actually did have some scars from the fight. However, Sosuun was quick to distance herself from the bodily harm suffered.

She joked that she wasn't to blame for the scars on Vivian's neck adding that the singer got those from a 'recent show' she had. " hiyo ni kuku.... ameenda show juzi Kakamega, kuku ikamgwara." 

She also added that she'd also suffered harm it's just that the cameras didn't catch everything. " Ya chini uliona? Vile alininyonga?" Sossun asked dramatically.

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