Sam West to vie for a political seat to fulfil his dad's dying wish

The late dad vied for a political seat in 2017

• The decision to venture into politics was inspired by his late dad Weston Gitonga.

Sam West and his wife Vivianne
Image: Instagram

Motivational speaker Sam West has announced he will be vying for a political seat in 2027.

The decision to venture into politics was inspired by his late dad Weston Gitonga.

The late had in 2017 vied for a political seat but never got the chance to lead.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho Sam says he chose 2027 so that he can have enough time to prepare

" I need enough time to create awareness of a new form of government we are proposing as compared to the current one - democracy. 

The new form of governance highly relies on Kingdom Principles that include the state covering basic needs it's citizens including rent, food, education & health. 

Similar principles are practiced in the top 10 happiest countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden (Scandinavian)."

This, he says, will help ease the hard life Kenyans are currently going through.

In a detailed social media post, Sam alleges his dad had won the election in 2017 but was unfairly denied the chance to lead.

"This man was aspiring to lead Laikipia. Things happened and despite his great support base, they stole his only chance to serve the people. 

It was very unfair and disheartening for him. Everyone knew he had won fair and squarely, but instead, they imposed another leader. This was 2017. 

He didn't fight them back. He left it to the Almighty to fight for him. A year later he passed on. He happens to be my dear dad Weston Gitonga."

Sam says his dad would have transformed Laikipia if he had not been denied that chance.

"I loved him so much and learned a lot from him. He had transformed Laikipia even without a position or title. 

During his burial, I heard testimonials from across the globe of how much he had imparted to lives. I never knew the extent of his impact until after he departed.

A few days before he died, he told me

 "Sam, it is impossible to govern the nation right without God and the Bible" Those words didn't make sense then, but this morning they made so much sense."

The father of one added

"This country needs a heavenly intervention. We keep switching the drivers of this car but the problem is the engine running this car.

His dream to see a better nation is still in our hearts. I promised him, I will finish what he started. 2027 is beckoning. 

A change is coming to Kenya. A country that functions on Kingdom Principles is beckoning. The #KingdomNation idea is cooking. 

A different form of governance. Freedom for Kenyans. Dreams rejuvenation. We deserve better. This is what Kenya needs. 2027 is just around the corner. Dominating is inevitable!"

Sam West is currently a businessman, he is also the music manager for his singer wife Vivianne.

Given a chance would you vote for him?

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