I can’t do tough love anymore-Vivian reveals

• Vivian opened up on some struggles she is going through at the moment.
•  The singer has been doing more content creation the past few months

Vivian smiling
Image: Instagram

Musician Vivian has raised some concerns after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues. Vivian on her stories captioned a worrying note below

"This week has been very tough. Actually, the last six months but this week has summed it up. I feel like many things are not working and I can’t do tough love anymore. I’m extremely hurt and broken and I’m not sure what this is doing to my brain."

Vivian added, "I’ve been working so hard I hope I get some good news soon. May the universe provide me enough grace and care to love myself unconditionally."

The past few months have seen the singer pivot from her musical roots to become more of a Tik Tok content creator.

She and her hubby, Sam West have turned their social media channels into a house for sketches and popular skits online.

It is interesting that her troubling monologue above coincides with that period. Could the move to do something different be what is causing her so much stress?

Who knows?

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