• Vivianne has been struggling with chronic allergy for years.

Image: Instagram

Fans have taken to Vivianne's socials to wish her a quick recovery.

This was after she shared photos of her face all swelled up emerged online.

According to her husband Sam West Vivianne is suffering from an allergic reaction, although they do not know what the triggers are.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Sam shared, "She has allergies, but we are not exactly sure what allergy she is suffering from despite us carrying out allergy tests. She is currently on medication."

In the past Vivianne has shared this is not the first time she is suffering from this reaction adding that they are spiritual.

In 2021 Vivianne had revealed she had to go through prayer to get 'redeemed' from evil spirits.

Through her socials, she wrote;

"Let me tell you Maina! Weh I used to suffer chronic allergies leaving my face, lips, throat swollen.. ile mbaya! This thing was spiritual and started a year after I joined entertainment.

I had toxic fake friendships brought by fame alafu sasa rejection from some entertainment cartels. Aki, I was young and naive.

The allergies looked bad and I would have to hide for some days because I was ashamed of how I looked.It’s been 3 yrs na ziliniwacha.

Niliombewa and I were in a safe space and I was in a loving environment. Love heals! Love healed my life.

God is love! I’m so thankful that God healed me and he continues to heal!#Day3 #31daysofgratitude."

Below are get-well-soon messages from her fans.

antoneosoul: Quick Recovery bestie.

eveal_health_and_fitness: Get well soon girl.

theemwalimurachel: Pole Vivianne for your illness. May God heal you.

Pettie Pettie Pettie: There is God in heaven who hears our prayers.get well soon dear Vivian.

Faith Orwaru: I am so sorry Vivian Kenya may you be healed in Jesus Name Amen. I am your strong follower I believe things will get better. Praying for you dear.

Mary Auma: Don't worry dear, no one can stop the blessings that God has for you and my you receive healing in Jesus name.

Nyowili Chok Aluoch: Poleni u will be OK,u ain't going nowhere be strong and anchor your hope on God.

Njoki Kimani Kamau: Pole my dear. We serve a living God and He will come through. Quick recovery too.

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