Habida opens up after losing her voice for two weeks

• The musician also revealed what she had to do to get back her voice.

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Habida Moloney lost her voice for two weeks, a situation that filled her with fear over the fate of her musical career.

Habida in an interview with Mpasho's Kalondou Musyimi said that she has a new song that has been in the works since 2017.

She also revealed that she had faced many challenges along the way.

The song is about being in a relationship but loving another man. "You wanna be there but unakaa tu hapa. I don't know why we do that."

She has previously worked with Nameless. Fans have been asking the two to revisit the masterpiece. 

"Creating pieces like sunshine they are hard to do, so I think it a little difficult to say just go back. How do you go and create that again. So for a creative tis not something you just say let's go and do another sunshine."

She also explained that one day her vice began to become husky. "I tried singing but it didn't sound the same, so I thought maybe I'm tired, or allergies.

A medical exam revealed a lump on her vocal cord. Surgery was recommended. She went to India for laser surgery to get her voice back. There is also cancer, that any lump could be cancerous, so that scared me."

She got a second lump, "Now I'm in therapy for singing again. A warning to singers, you really have to take care of your voice."

She is full of praise for Arbantone and possibility of doing a project using the new sound. "Why not, I'm easy, if you take my song and do something to it, why not."

Watch the interview below:

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