Meet your new First Lady, Rachel Ruto

First Lady Rachel Ruto is the lovely wife of President-elect William Ruto

• William Ruto met his sweetheart Rachel while on campus and their relationship went from strength to strength.

• During their 30th marriage anniversary last year, Racheal Ruto described her husband as a true friend, confidant, and wonderful dad to their children.

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William Ruto and Raila Odinga in a file photo
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Rachel Chebet Ruto is the wife of President-elect William Ruto and has been blessed with several children with him.

Rachel went to Likuyani Primary School in Kakamega County. She then proceeded to Butere Girls High School for her O and A levels and later got a chance to join Kenyatta University.

William Ruto was a student at the University of Nairobi studying BSc Botany and Zoology while Rachel Ruto was studying Education at Kenyatta University.

The two met on campus during a choir meet-up for their different chapters with their relationship growing from strength to strength.

The two have been married for 30 years. In an interview with Churchill, Dr. William Ruto noted that 

"She (Rachel) was a member of the choir like me. We were both part of an evangelistic team called the North Rift Evangelistic Team.

“We used to go on missions together…During teaching practice, she was posted to Kessup Girls and I was generally around," said Ruto.

During an interview with Radio Jambo, William Ruto heaped praise on his wife and credited her for the success of his family.

"It was just luck and grace of God that I got such a wife. When you find a wife that is helping you, she understands you, she prays for you, she helps you do your work, that is when you start making progress in life," said Ruto.

During their 30th marriage anniversary last year, Racheal Ruto described her husband as a true friend, confidant, and wonderful dad to their children.

"This day forever remains special. As we celebrate your birthday and our wedding anniversary, I can confidently say, Ebenezer – This far has the Lord brought us. You are a true friend, confidant, and wonderful father to our children."

Despite doing education, Rachel didn’t get a chance to practice teaching for long. She voluntarily retired and ventured into the tour business.

Away from being her husband's support system, Rachel Ruto is also famous for her wonderful style.

She is normally seen dressing in elegant skirts and dresses, which has really wowed her fans. Her sleek and modest dressing has also been described as one which magnifies her God-fearing persona.

Rachel has rocked short natural hair for a long time and has been praised on KOT who say she looks stylish, paired with studs for earrings.

Rachel keeps her shoes simple and usually spots high heels that are not too high. Rachel was instrumental in assisting her husband's campaign, often seen by his side during the two terms he was seeking office.

Rachel was also an advocate for women's rights and women's empowerment during her tenure as the second lady in Kenya.

She won an award with the International Honorary Fellowship Award On Women Empowerment at the Binary University in Malaysia n 2014.

She launched Mama Cycling initiative in September 2014 to encourage healthy living.

Speaking at the Hustler's Mansion, Mrs. Ruto encouraged her husband William to have faith as he prays for the Presidency in the forthcoming General election.

"As we go to the elections, I know God is going to do us good. God has been reminding me that for a mother who is carrying a baby, the last trimester is the most important. In the last 3 months, anything could happen, you could lose that child because of something very small."

Rachel added;

"I want to say that God is allowing us, these 3 months May, June, and July to continue to push in prayer, continue to push in his word so that indeed Kenya can get the President that God desires."

Rachel gave a testimony about a miracle in Karen. She shared a recent story of how her faith changed the borehole water in their Karen home.

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