• The jacks in office live very affluent lives due to their salaries worth millions per month.

• It explains  their luxurious lifestyles and the posh humongous fuel guzzlers they move with.

Many politicians live very affluent lives due to their salaries worth millions per month and other allowances.

This explains their luxurious lifestyles and the posh humongous fuel guzzlers they move in.

The country's lawmakers are also known to own properties, huge tracts of land, and assets like choppers and private planes among others.

These politicians also have lovely mansions that they live in. Let's begin;

1. Raila Odinga

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader is one of the most affluent Kenyan politicians. He is estimated to be worth over KSh 40 billion and he has built a befitting mansion for himself.

Raila's home is on top of Riat hills in Kisumu near Kisumu International Airport. The house made headlines in 2014 after it was reported to cost a whopping Sh1 billion.

The palace has 10 bedrooms, conference halls, jacuzzi, a helipad, conference halls, a theatre, state-of-the-art kitchen among other features.

Raila Odinga's mansion
Image: The-Star

2.William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto currently stays in his deputy president's home in Karen although he owns a palatial, multi-million-shilling mansion in Eldoret town in Uasin Gishu county.

His house has a complete private airstrip. The main house has a gazebo right in front of it, two swimming pools, a spacious playground, and a jacuzzi.

Additionally, it also has an artificial lake in the middle of the compound and six other houses at the front.

3. Evans Kidero

The first Governor of Nairobi Evans Kidero takes third place as having a very expensive house in Kenya.

Kidero's house which is located in Muthaiga has a pool and stunning features on the outside and inside. 

4.Mike Sonko

Sonko's mansion is situated in Mua Hills in Maanzoni, Machakos. According to reports, he used around 150 million to build it. He also owns a house in Runda.

5. Hassan Joho

The Mombasa governor is stinking rich and never shies away from flaunting his wealth from the cars he drives to the way he dresses. His house is situated in a nice garden with beautiful greenery.

6. William Kabogo

The former governor of Kiambu county owns several homes, an armoured car, and a chopper. One of his homes is located in Mombasa and only a few cars and a chopper can enter.

His main house which is located next to the Windsor Hotel can easily be confused for a 5-star hotel in which most of its walls are made of hardened glass.

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