•Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.

•No matter the size of your home, it certainly deserves a good cleaning on a regular basis.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.No matter the size of your home, it certainly deserves a good cleaning on a regular basis.

But… we don’t always feel like it. Again coming to think of it nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.

You wouldn't want someone to come to your home, to find clothes strewn all over the floor, food splattered all over the microwave, crumbs all over the counter and mouldy food in the refrigerator.

To save yourself from the embarrassment here are some quick cleaning hacks that won't really leave your back asking for help because of too much work put in. Also, you will have saved yourself some time.

Do you ever wonder how you would remove hard water stains from a tap? Here's how.

Pour vinegar into a bowl then submerge microfiber towels, wrap over the tap stains then wait for 30 minutes. Remove the towels and you will be left with sparkling clean taps.

Getting rid of microwave grease and dirt.

Put some water plus lemon in a microwave then let it heat for 5 minutes. The steam will make it easy to clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe and voila!!!

Here's another secret to cleaning white designer shoes.

You will need some toothpaste.

Squeeze a small amount on a toothbrush then you gently scrub from top to bottom.

Wipe with a damp cloth.

Cleaning carpets and rugs

Add baking soda to a flour sifter then spread it all over on carpets and rugs.

This is because the powder penetrates and cleans your rugs and also removes odours.

Toilet brush cleaning hack

When you're done cleaning the toilet, prop the brush under the sitting lid. Boil some water in a kettle then rinse the brush by pouring the hot water on it. Spray disinfectant on the brush then leave it to dry.

Return it to the brush tin.

Does your vacuum smell horrible?

Add a few drops of essential oils to the filter. You can also substitute with ground cinnamon which also works well. Sprinkle a little on the floor then vacuum it up. It will have eliminated the odour and it will smell much better.

Another cleaning hack is preventing your clothes from fading by adding some salt and vinegar to your laundry. This will help retaining the colors.

A blocked sink can be a nuisance.

A simple way of getting rid of this issue is by pouring some baking soda, and vinegar and adding hot water to the drain. It will form a foam that will help out remove the stubborn residues.

Cleaning dirty, oily cabinets.

Mix 1:1 ratio of water vinegar and dish soap, you can add in essential oil but it's optional.

Dampen a cleaning cloth and wipe from top to bottom. It lifts dirt and grease.

Vinegar cleans without streaking

Rug stain removal

If you stain a rug, just apply some shaving cream and leave it for 20 minutes. Wipe away with clean damp cloth.

Here's a remedy to remove a funky smell from your water bottle.

Get yourself some denture tablets.

Put a tablet in each bottle, add hot water and do the same for the lids let it sit for 20 minutes empty and then rinse well and let them air dry.

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