•Airpods/ earbuds are  wireless Bluetooth enabled listening devices 

•  Airpods need special attention while cleaning so as to avoid ruining them

Airpods pro
A pair of white Airpods pro
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Wireless earphones (both Airpods and earbuds) are nothing short of revolutionary.

They should have brought these things the minute they started manufacturing smartphones (lol, do you guys remember the ghetto era people used to call smartphones, touch screens? Thank God for growth because wueh!)

You can literally carry them with you everywhere and use them without people even noticing.

However, compared to other gadgets, earbuds collect an extraordinary amount of filth, from dirt and skin particles, earwax, grease, and sweat from our ears.

Unless you clean them regularly, the accumulated filth builds up in a way that would not only be embarrassing but also disgusting if people saw your cute little buds. Also, they could lead to itchy/ discomfort in your ears, and over time an infection might develop.

Here are a few ways to clean them:

Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe down the cord and body of each earbud as well as their charging case too. However, avoid anything wet on the speaker area of your earbuds.

Alternatively, you can use wet wipes as they don't need dampening and you can always have a pack with you as they're easily portable.

Note: If you have white corded headphones covered in dirt and scuffs, use a pencil eraser to buff the dark streaks away.

When scraping dirt from your earbud speakers, you need to be careful as sharp objects like toothpicks can cause severe damage.

Plastic tools, like dental floss or cotton buds, are safer options for scraping earwax or other buildups from around the edges. Once done,  gently wipe away the junk using a dry cloth.

Note: Ensure under all circumstances not to run water over your earbuds.

While cleaning, avoid metal/ wire brushes and chemical detergents.

Plain water is enough for the cord and body of your wireless earbuds or corded earphones.

Lastly, ensure you're super careful when wiping no rough tugging or harsh brushing over the mesh speakers.

Once done, dry your earbuds with a clean, soft cloth and don’t charge them until you’re 100% sure they are dry and moisture-free.

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