• The tips apply for both local and international travels.

• Take photo copies of important documents and create a list on the things you would want to do during your travel.

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Taking trips is fun and a good way to unwind from a busy schedule, noisy city, and a boring routine lifestyle.

We enjoy taking vacations to places that we’ve longed for just to enjoy me-time or a fun time with friends or family, but it can be stressing and tiring to plan one.

Here are some of the best hacks you will need when planning a trip that will be easy and convenient.

1. Make photocopies of important documents

Having your documents with you when traveling is key but having photocopies is even more important.

This will come in handy if any of your original copies are lost and you are stuck in a foreign country or city without your identification card.

Besides, you can always carry them with you if you are on a tour to be safe in case the copy gets lost you still have your original copy kept safely.

2. Always pack extra underwear

When packing for a trip we usually pack according to the number of days that we will be on which is okay but packing extra undies is important.

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself and not have to worry over anything, especially underwear.

Your underwear might all be dirty and you might not have one to change; while you might do laundry in a hotel but is not fun to do anything on a vacation.

Hence carrying an extra pair will save you from stressing about washing your undergarments.

3. Do your research

Traveling to a foreign country is amazing since you’ll learn something new and enjoy yourself. However, there are many cases of people traveling to a new place and they end up getting lost or breaking the rules of a certain country which gets them in trouble.

Research the place you intend to go to so you will know where you’ll enjoy spending time.

Also, learn about the culture of a country to avoid offending the locals or getting into trouble with the authority.

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4. Make a list

Ensure to have a list of things you’d love to do on a trip, this will help to avoid having dull moments.

Having a list makes things run smoothly.

5. Learn common local words

English is a language that is spoken worldwide that is easy to communicate with people, however not everybody is conversant with the language.

Learning a local language when traveling to a different place will be convenient for you to be able to converse with the people. Furthermore learning the language will be an advantage and you will seem to care about the place you are visiting.

At least make sure you know how to say ‘Thank you, ‘Please’ or ‘Sorry’ in the local language it will go a long way.

6. Plan your outfits

Planning your outfits before leaving for a trip saves you so much time. It allows you to pack all the things you might have forgotten when in a hurry. Don’t we all want to look stunning in our photos during a vacation?

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