• Moving out will burden you with responsibilities as you will have to be a responsible with your finances.


Moving out should be used to help you learn to live by yourself, get to know yourself in that silence, buy all the things your folks would never buy you, and invite pals over.

We also get to learn life hacks and other basic human skills.

The list I'm sharing is something I have done locally and abroad. This list of life hacks - is not cast in stone - and you don't have to follow everything I say, however, keep some things in mind like number 7. 

1. Only buy things you need for the first few months. Once you get the flow of things, you can now indulge and buy unnecessary things.

2. Make a budget and stick to it. When you're living alone, rent is at the top of your mind plus starving.  

3. Resist all the temptations because you think you are alone and can for instance party recklessly, or have weeklong parties. 

4. When you pack your fragile items for moving, you can use pillows or duvets, or kangas to protect them.

5. Pack a separate bag with essential items like soap, mafuta, innerwear for the first few days because of the agony of having to look through suitcases for these small-small things.

6. Also take pictures of your apartment/flat. This helps when you intend to move out and the landlord or agent accuses you of damaging the house and so you lose your deposit. 

7. Pack your belongings way before you have to move. Even a month or two helps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed on the actual moving day.

8. Organize your things by the room you want to put them.

KOT, is this helpful and what has been your experiences with moving out?

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