Eric Omondi - I'm not gay and only cross-dress for entertainment

Comedian Eric Omondi is defending himself against gay claims

• This is the second time he is clearing the air after failing to convince Kenyans

• Eric told that he cross dresses for entertainment only

eric omondi wears bodysuit in beyonce dance video
eric omondi cross dress eric omondi wears bodysuit in beyonce dance video

President of comedy Africa Eric Omondi has been forced to clear up rumors that he is gay.

In an interview with Citizen TV, Eric assured Kenyans that the said allegations are baseless with no truth in them.

"I feel like they need to get ready because they are not ready, its gonna get worse. Divalicious has just arrived we are just starting, so I'm very worried because we are just introducing, hatujaanza, sasa tukianza. So let them prepare psychologically, get ready there's gonna be a lot more between now and December actually. A little too much," the Comedian said. 

Eric Omondi has come under heavy criticism this year for unveiling a female alter ego. He is frequently seen in videos wearing wigs and skimpy dresses, leading to the assumption that he is crossing over.

Asked on why more male comedians are cross-dressing now days, Omondi answered;

"It's as old as every big comedian with substance from Kevin Hart to Tyler Perry to Martin Lawrence, to Eddie Murphy everyone has targeted a character with"

Eric added;

" The reason is like I have the most followers in Kenya 70 per cent of people follow me  are women and ladies you understand where I'm headed? So I have to segment them, and give them a character it's called divalicious. Very few women have a problem with divalicious coz they relate, " Omondi argued. 

Is he coming out of the closet? Is Eric straight?

"Is Eddie murphy gay? I will answer is Flaqo gay? I will answer you. So there is LGBTQ , there's transgenders and there are cross dressers. Let's handle this topic today. Here are drag queens, and then there are artistes, comedians they're just entertainers."

"So let's go pole pole tuko kwa class. There are gay people there are drag queens, there are transgenders, there are artistes. So a gay person dresses whatever they dress with a reason. As a man who loves a man . An artiste like me Eric Omondi or Flaqo or Crazy Kennar, is an entertainer, "

Eric's basic explanation"

"That is for entertainment to pass a certain message that is a layman basic explanation . So when Flaqo, Eric Omondi dresses like that don't take us to that gay person. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible ".

Even his controversial Divalicious show has been bashed.

"So you cannot go to a gay person and ask them are you gay, so you can't ask a comedian are you gay? No! I'm a comedian ,"

Speaking about his show Divalicious and cross-dressing , he defended himself

"It's a character, its an alter ego I created for myself, to segment the female audience and if there are men who want to watch that stuff and they enjoy it, sure, "

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