Eric Omondi strikes again with viral video in tight bodysuit [Video]

Wild reaction as Eric Omondi oversteps with his dress-crossing again

• The comedian is dancing to Beyonce's song 'Single ladies'

• Kenyans have reacted calling him gay again

eric omondi wears bodysuit in beyonce dance video
eric omondi cross dress eric omondi wears bodysuit in beyonce dance video

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi is back in the news one more time with another cross-dressing video that has gone viral on social media. 

In his latest video, the funnyman is seen with two other companions dancing heavily to Beyonce's global hit song 'Single Ladies'.

The comedian is seen wearing his trademark blonde wig, a nice facebeat complimented with a red bodysuit. On the other hand, his two support system (Ladies) are rocking matching white bodysuits. 

Eric laughs and twerks as Beyonce sings 'all the single ladies put your hands up' and dips to get the attention of whoever he is singing for.

Omondi's choreography idea is well calculated and executed but can easily attract a backlash among those who doesn't subscribe to his ideologies and ways of entertaining. 

Eric first amused Kenyans on 3rd August when he was seen in a new show with makeup and a wig -  slaying better than most girls.

He was interviewing socialite Amber Ray and Shakilla on separate days. Kenyans immediately assumed he is gay, allegations he has refuted.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Eric said he found a name for the character which he is happy about.

"Oooh Eric is gay, ooh I should not do this. This character, Diva is a beautiful lady and very creative. The character comes automatically after I wear it like her," he said.

"Funny thing is when I read such comments online, I am reminded that I have been doing this for too long since 2008 and it has never bothered me. Even when I read comments about people saying what is that I am putting on, I am like, I did that since long ago," he explained. 

Kenyans have reacted sharply to his video with many saying they have lost a brother.

@kiliru_stephen we lost a brother kitambo

@OliverTambo· And through these dramas, he gained extra 900k followers and growing by far! Right now he’s the top celebrity in Kenya with the highest number of followers, I mean after @Lupita_Nyongo who’s US-based. Kudos @ericomondi_ for the great efforts bro!

@BazengaJemo  Mi spendi Eric lkni hio video imeni chekesha mbaaya ..i just had to retweet manzee..

@kaume_ks @ericomomdi you're becoming a disgrace to the men society shame on you

@lotus_vasco·He knows where the money at ..... He knows what he is doing though we may all disagree

@CMalagho Hawa Ni wale tunaita ma Uncle Tom.. Lately Huyu Jamaa nikama anaskizia Mkende

@yb_riko· Kibe ameona hii??

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