Eric Omondi-Marriage ruins freedom for artistes

Comedian Eric Omondi says marriage ruins alot for artistes

• Eric does not recommend that new artistes get marriage.

• Omondi hinted that he has had such an experience that almost ruined his career.

Eric Omondi
The president of comedy Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi is globe-trotting taking his trade to regional fans. He was in Dubai on Sunday and before that Tanzania and Uganda.

Since jetting back to Kenya, the p[resident of comedy has confessed his career direction was either to be a comedian, a preacher, or a footballer.

He opened up about growing up in a polygamous family. His father had four wives and 13 children.

"Those days it was ok, it was normal,  every wife was built for home then our dad had hi won house at the centre of the compound. It was okay because the wives would cook their own food so the boys and girls would eat as one. Kila mama analeta chenye amepika, there was no conflict."

Eric said the wives didn't fight because it was a culturally accepted norm those days.

"Right now women have become empowered sana they have gone to school they work, they earn their own money."

What would he like for himself, a monogamous or polygamous relationship?

"Monogamous" Eric said without hesitation.

Laughing while explaining his position, Eric Omondi told,

"One lady or one woman is very difficult to handle maintenance. So I wonder how my dad used to manage five women. What about one woman in Nairobi? Utajipata Kwa zile enzi I would have been polygamous, but in this generation? Dame mmoja anakupatia pressure, mmoja tuu."

In the future, does Eric Omondi see himself getting legit married and settling down?

"Hapo mwisho lazima nioe lakini usanii I keep saying but people don't understand me. I have seen many artistes wakididimia because of marriage. I would mention but I won't. I have seen many artistes wakiisha because of relationships. Nimeone wasanii wengi wakipotea sababu ya mapenzi. Relationships need communication and commitment responsibility and accountability."

Explaining further, Eric does not recommend marriage to an artiste who hasn't made it in the career yet.

"Msanii ambaye hajafika malengo yake siwezi kuuambia mwanamuziki ama mcheheshaji ama msanii wowote ambaye hajatimiza lengo lake awachane na ndoa . I'm speaking from experience I'm speaking from what I've seen."

Does Eric not worry that people will think this position means he wants multiple girlfriends rather than one committed relationship?

"No it's not that you want to be free for the streets. Lazima uambie girlfriend and bibi wher eyou are kwa nini na nani na saa ngapi. it's a requirement. Msanii hawezi fanya hivyo. Maanake pole poel utakosa kufanya vitu unavyofanya. Fredom inakuwa ina finywa."

He assured me that one day he will marry though.

"naelekea hapo maanake kuna malengo yamebaki machache."

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