Could there be a hidden agenda behind celebs' cross-dressing?

Crossdressing is something that more and more celebs are engaging in


• Eric Omondi normally receives a lot of criticism when he cross-dresses unlike popular TikToker, Kinuthia.

• Some Kenyans in comment sections see a hidden motive behind the rise in cross-dressing.

Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothes designed for the opposite gender. In the past, cross-dressing was often linked stereotypically with perversion, fetishism, exhibitionism, sexual deviation, and homosexuality.

Comedians around the world have embraced crossdressing to stand out and some to express their sexuality.

For example, British comedian Edward John came out as a transgender years after showing up cross-dressing in his stand-up shows.

In Africa, the act of wearing makeup and dresses by a man does not go down well with many because of our culture and general homophobia.

The rise of crossdressing men on our screens has been raising eyebrows about they might have a different agenda away from just entertaining their fans.

It has raised an uproar on the internet as people claim that our comedians are going against our culture and beliefs.

Some have argued that cross-dressing for entertainment isn't supposed to be sexual.

Famous Kenyan cross-dresser, Kinuthia has taken photos of himself in a bikini pausing like a female model, often wearing mini skirts and twerking on camera, which has raised alarm about the influence he has over teenagers.

is a Tiktoker and crossdressing content creator
Kinuthia is a Tiktoker and crossdressing content creator
Image: courtesy

More so in his recent interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, where he mentioned having a "mubaba"- terminology used by ladies to refer to their "sponsors" or "blessers".

Dennis Karuri, a popular male make-up artist who started out by wearing makeup, now fully dresses, walks, and poses like a lady. 

Comedian Eric Omondi raised a buzz this week after he interviewed socialite Shakilla while dressed like his alter ego, Divalicious. 

Some Kenyans online are worried that the aforementioned celebs might have an ulterior motive that doesn't end at entertaining fans.

Those Kenyans have opined that the cross-dressing is aimed at pushing (and normalising) a more liberal agenda in the minds of impressionable youth.

Whatever the case, one thing we can agree on is that the cross-dressing genie is out of the bottle and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Unless they criminalize it like they trying to do in Nigeria.

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