My dress, my choice! List of Kenyan male Tiktokers beating women at their own game


• From Karuri to Karari, here is a list of Kenyan male Tiktokers who  cross dress.

Dennis Karuri and John Hairdresser
Image: Instagram

A person's sexuality can sometimes be judged by what you wear because what you wear speaks volumes about a person.

We have seen women dress like men on social media without much of an issue but when men wear ladies' clothes, it causes an uproar.

From Karuri to Karari, here is a list of Kenyan male Tiktokers who  cross dress.

Dennis Karari

Dennis Karari AKA Beyonce is a proud  LGBTQ man who is a diva and is never afraid of expressing his true self.

The self-proclaimed Beyonce of Tiktok is an open and charismatic Tiktoker who is always making TikTok videos dressed in stunning dresses and heels without wobbling serving confidence vibes.

Male celebrities who are excellent crossdressers
Male celebrities who are excellent crossdressers
Dennis Karari
Image: Instagram

Official Kinuthia

The popular cross-dressing Tiktoker star whose real name is Kelvin Kinuthia has a great sense of fashion when it comes to women's clothing. He loves wearing make-up, wigs, beautiful dresses for plus-size ladies serving diva vibes.

Kelvin Kinuthia
Kelvin Kinuthia
Image: Instagram

Jony Hairdresser

The Kenyan professional cosmetologist who knows how to rock a nice dress and the perfect makeup look is already giving men sleepless nights.

He is definitely good at what he does leaving many women envious of his skills and wishing to sharpen their skills.

Johny Hairdresser
Image: Instagram

Dennis Karuri

The successful and impressive Kenyan model with exquisite makeup artist skills is good at what he does and has attracted a pool of Kenyan celebrities.

He has proven that men can also thrive and outdo women in the industry as he also wears trending outfits worn by ladies.

Dennis Karauri
Image: Instagram

Flaqo Raz

Erastus Ayieko Otieno popularly known as Flaqo is a Kenyan actor, singer, scriptwriter, and comedian who mimics the character traits of an African mother acting around their children.

He also has taken up other characters like baba Otis, Otis, and Akoth perfectly playing them out.

Eric Omondi

Eric the king of comedy who sure does know how to call for attention with the many public stances he has pulled has also proven that men can also look good in wigs and dresses.

He has cross-dressed many times in his comedy acts while he is wearing different wigs colours  and beautiful dresses which has often left his fans baffled.

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