Actress Idah Alisha warns parents about abusive marriages

Former Mother -In-Law actress Idah Alisha sought therapy after her marriage failed due to domestic violence.

• The American based Kenyan actress penned her deep thoughts to parents via social media. 

• Idah Alisha went through therapy after her own marriage failed.

Real name Aidah Alisha
Mother-in-law actress Olive - Real name Aidah Alisha

Former Mother In Law actress Idah Alisha has cautioned parents against turning a blind eye to their daughter's marital problems.

Idah who currently lives in the USA has taken to Instagram to pen that parents would be better off allowing their daughter to leave a failed married than ignore the issue and then later regrettably get her back in a coffin.

Idah is relating this to her situation. This year she stirred the internet when she revealed details of her abusive marriage.

Alisha earlier this year, opened up to content creator Lynn Ngugi where she disclosed that at age 21, her husband abused her.

mother in law actress idah alisha failed marriage
idah alisha mother in law actress idah alisha failed marriage

Idah was in a one year marriage.

“I was 21. I was out of my mind if you ask me. If I’m being true to myself, I remember there was a voice at the back of my mind telling me I shouldn’t take that step. I knew him for a year before we got married,” she explained.

Idah alias Olive said that her former husband was abusive physically, emotionally, and even financially.

The bubbly added  that she regrets getting married at the tender age of 21 while she was just at the peak of her career.

She added that her church and friends put a lot of pressure on her at the time and she felt compelled to take that step with her now ex-partner who was a youth pastor.

“I went through a lot of pressure from the church where most of my friends who were older than me, around 27, were getting married and I was constantly asked when I would also settle down. The guy was 28 at the time and I was 21. Such a big difference.”

When asked if she was ever in love with her ex-hubby, she says from her perspective now, she wasn’t but they had bonded over trauma since they had both come from families with a violent past.

“I think we had trauma bonding because he would tell me how his dad was abusive, and I related with him where my dad was the same.”

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