Flaqo stuns with thick beard, reveals why he usually shaves it off

• Flaqo in shock after being lectured by a GenZ for not having beards 

Flaqo Raz
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 Multi-award-winning digital content creator and comedian Erastus Ayieko Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo Raz recently stunned his online fans after he showed up with a beard.

Flaqo could be seen rocking a full goatee as well as a mustache in his Instagram stories.

He went on to share the "rare occurrence" that made him not shave his beard for a month.

The comedian revealed that if he wanted to, he could grow a beard but he chooses to shave daily due to his content creation career. 

He revealed that he decided to sacrifice having a beard due to some of his characters such as Mama Otis and Akoth, who are women and thus do not have beards.

In his skits, Flaqo dons a fake beard when playing the character of Mzee Bakari or Baba Otis otherwise he usually has a clean-shaven look.

The content creator noted that he feels any changes in his physical attributes would disrupt his fan's connection with said characters as they would not be very relatable.

"I have to wake up every day and shave because it's part of my routine. Mama Otis doesn't have beards,  Akoth doesn't have beards. If they did then it means the character would change. They would not look the same anymore. That's a sacrifice I have to make every single day," Flaqo said in his Instagram video.

Finishing up he noted that the downside of not having a beard is him getting mistaken for a young man which leads to 20-year-olds feeling they are in a capacity to offer him advice not knowing that Flaqo is a 30-year-old man.

"Not having beards will lead to you getting advice from a 20 or 22-year-old... In real life, I get advice from people younger than me with fully developed beards. Giving me life advice. The other day, this guy sat me down to tell me what he really thinks I should eliminate from my life is the aspect of women because they suck a lot out of me," Flaqo narrated detailing that the young man at that point was playing with his beards calmly pulling at them. 

"He went on to say, 'Flaqo you know you are really young,' you should not be having a girlfriend right now, you should focus on your promising career for now. I'm a 30-year-old man! Do you know kuna mtu ako 26 wengine 23 years old na ako na mtoto in high school? I was just sitting there the whole time listening in disbelief," added the funnyman as his video came to an end.

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