I'm a victim of gender based violence - Obinna on Baby mama drama

She was abusive to the children and I have evidence for that – Obinna on Baby mama drama

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• The Kiss 100 presenter has narrated the frustrations he has been through with his baby mama

• Obinna has also talked about taking legal action against his baby mama

who has addressed his baby mama drama
Comedian Oga Obinna who has addressed his baby mama drama
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Comedian and Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna has finally addressed the ongoing drama involving one of his three-baby mamas.

In a candid interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, the funnyman poured out his heart, narrating the frustrations he has been through with the mother of his two kids.

According to the comedian, he is a victim of circumstances as his baby mama is using their kids to frustrate and paint him as the bad person in their broken relationship.

“I am being dragged through the mud and I don’t know what the reason is because we have not fought about anything in the recent past and I have not done anything to spark that debate.

"But for the last one week, what I have been doing is defending myself and the reason why I am still working where I work is because I have evidence that I am the victim,” Obinna said.

The TV personality further stated that he had ignored the matter for a very long time but now he has decided to tell his side of the story.

“I kept quiet for a couple of years…and when I decided to leave, I left peacefully, nobody knew. All the media guys were not there. She did not call a press briefing or anything.

"I left with my everything and said I just want peace and still be in the life of my children. But since then it’s been difficult even just being in the life of my kids, always one thing after another,” he said.  

During the interview, the Kiss 100 radio host mentioned that a lot of men are going through a hard time but there is no one to speak on their behalf.

“The reason why I am seated here is because I am a victim of gender based violence. I spoke about it last week and nobody has done anything about it because boy child is on his own. Nobody cares about boy child,”

Adding that;

"It’s not a good thing because the children are involved. A lot of people are telling me to leave the children out of it. But she was abusive to the children and I have evidence for all that. Telling me not to talk about is not giving them closure. I am being insulted and I am the victim,".

The seasoned media personality said that he has been through a lot and this is just one of those challenges he is determined to overcome.

“I have been through everything bro. I have been character developed, heartbroken, fired, beaten, abused and a lot that. I was a chokora,” he disclosed. 

The comedian mentioned that his baby mama is crying for help and therefore social media users should stop gassing her up.

“It’s a cry for help, she is going through something, she is hurting, and she is broken because ladies don’t take rejection very well,” he added.

Asked on whether he has ever considered going the legal way when dealing with his baby mama, Obinna said;

“I can sue for defamation, collect back everything and thrown her in prison because of what she has done. If I decide that I want justice,”

Have you guys tried to sit-down and iron out this thing, away from the camera? A question was posed to Obinna.

He replied; “Five years bro, where is stayed because of my last born…we have tried, I have spoken about it. Sat her down with her mother, friends, my grandparents, my mother and father who I’m not even that close with but all was in vain. If you see a man leave, he has had enough,”.

Obinna’s explanation comes at time his baby mama also known as Mama Adalola had labeled him as the bad person in their past relations.

The whole drama started about a week ago when Obinna's estranged lover took to social media to accuse the comedian of harassing her.

Mama Adalola in a series of posts on social media lamented that Obinna has been frustrating and tainting her reputation.

She claimed that Obinna had destroyed her and that he wants to take her children by force, claims Obinna has denied in his interview with Mpasho.