Polygamists Samidoh and Muigai wa Njoroge poke fun at each other over ex-wives

• The two laughed about wives leaving in a recent Mugithi edition in Embu

Mugithi artistes are known to take digs at each other and not spare their marital lives when in joint concerts.

Samidoh was mocked recently by Wanja Asali claiming his wife left him for the US.

"Even Samidoh's wife left him. Look Samidoh's wife is now in US. You have been lied to by Nyamu..." Samidoh quickly stopped the singer leaving revelers clapping as she walked away. 

The same thing happened a few days ago with Samidoh and Muigai wa Njoroge as they performed in Embu.

The Mavvel Hotel in Embu proved to be the place where mugithi singers Samidoh and Muigai wa Njoroge dueled each other about their marriages.

The two polygamous men amused audiences in a concert as the gentlemen chided each other over wives leaving.

In a video streamed by the Hotel, Samidoh looks at Muigai demanding to know "Didn't one -of your wives- run away?" he laughs hilariously at Muigai who is said to have been left by his two wives.

Samidohs first wife Edday left him, while Muigai's first wife Njeri also revealed they separated.

"I have never lost a wife, I never lose my wives, they have just moved. Werent you the one who was left by one when you introduced another," he adds in rebuttal.

Samidoh responds  confirming yes "They disappeared with a plane, but yours left with a nduthi didnt she?" Samidoh responds bent over in laughter.

"Muigai looked incredulously at Samidoh "If I want her back I can just get onto a nduthi and return her home but yours you have to look for a visa"

They continue teasing each other in Kikuyu as their audience also laughs.

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