The many times' Babu Owino has been caught in controversy

Babu Owino is among vocal politicians who are always in the news

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Babu Owino breaks silence after being linked to the murder of IEBC officer 

• The Legislator has been caught on the wrong side of the law severally

in the past
Babu Owino in the past
Image: Instagram

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino is not new to controversy. He is always in the news either for good or bad reasons.

On August 17, 2022, Owino was fighting off allegations linking him to the murder of IEBC official Peter Musyoka Mbolu. The MP sought to clarify that he is not involved in any way in the killing of the said officer who went missing and was later found dead.

The legislator insisted that he had already won the Embakasi East Parliamentary seat before the officer was reported missing.

“If I had the intention to kill his person, why did I not do it before? Why would I do it when I was already winning the election?  This thing of saying I have killed somebody should stop," Owino said.

In his defense Owino argued that there were elections from the MCA seat to the President in the whole of Embakasi East but all of a sudden he is the only one being linked to the murder.

“In Embakasai alone we had over 50 aspirants from MCA to the President. Why are they pointing at Babu Owino as the one who killed this person yet I am the one with the highest votes in the elections? This guy should refrain from this,” Babu Owino wondered.

Owino went on to allege that his opponent and UDA party candidate Francis Mureithi was using Musyoka’s death to advance his political career.

“This unworthy opponent of mine who looks like a warthog should stop taking advantage of Mr. Musyoka’s unfortunate and untimely death to advance his political agenda. Let the DCI do their work and respect the family of the deceased to mourn in peace," Babu Owino remarked.

The DJ Evolve Incident

Away from that, in January 2020, Babu Owino was again on the spot. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting entertainer Felix Orienda alias DJ Evolve. Later he was released on a cash bail of Ksh10 million after undertaking the responsibility of paying DJ Evolve’s medical bills. 

In December 2021, the Owino and DJ Evolve case took a new twist after the Disc Jokey opted for an out-of-court settlement.

Working at B-Club
DJ Evolve Working at B-Club
Image: Courtesy

In a ruling delivered by senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, DJ Evolve decided to withdraw his case against the MP saying he had opted to concentrate on his health rather than the case.

The DJ withdrew the case under section 204 of the criminal procedural code (CPC). The negotiations show that Owino will foot Orinda’s homecare until his recovery plus other benefits.

Babu Owino arrested in Westlands

In January 2018, Babu Owino was again arrested following the virality of CCTV footage showing him assaulting a parking attendant at a building in Westlands.

It was alleged Babu together with his bodyguard Fanuel Owino assaulted David Gichagu Wagana, after the MP failed to adhere to instructions from the attendant.

The former Student leader was later released after Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja intervened. In March 2018 David Gichugu withdrew the case against Babu Owino.

Babu Owino fights Jaguar

In October 2017, Owino was involved in a physical fight with outgoing Starehe Member of Parliament Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi.

The two exchanged blows at the parliament media Centre before they were separated by Parliament staff.

at parliament buildings in Nairobi
Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Jaguar at parliament buildings in Nairobi
Image: The-star

Babu Owino declines to leave Parliament Buildings

In April 2022, Babu Owino drama was witnessed at the National Assembly after the defiant MP declined to leave the chamber.

Speaker Justin Muturi gave an ejection order against the MP after he allegedly uttered words deemed to be unparliamentary.

Attempts by the sergeant at arms to forcefully eject the youthful MP failed, forcing the speaker to adjourn the house business.

During his university days, the University of Nairobi used to be filled with constant strikes and accusations of dirty tricks during the Sonu Elections.

Babu Owino insults President Uhuru Kenyatta

In September 2018, Owino found himself on the wrong side of the law after insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta during a political rally in Kawangware.

In December 2021, Babu Owino was hot in the news after hiding nominated MP David Sankok’s crutches during a parliament session.

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