Watch: I have 6 diplomas, 2 masters and 2 degrees-Babu Owino

Babu Owino is one of the most learned politicians in Kenya

Babu Owino explained that he had gotten all the papers because of his family.
Babu Owino got all these papers while still being the head of SONU for many years.

in the past
Babu Owino in the past
Image: Instagram

Babu Owino was recently interviewed by Citizen TV. The politician gave an interesting reason for why he has so many educational papers/accomplishments. He said,

"The reason that I have so many degrees is that no one else in my whole family has gone to school. So I have done a degree for all of them.

The first-class honours degree in Actuarial Science is for my mother. My Masters in Actuarial Science is for my brother.

The degree I have in law is for my sister and is a Master's in Law. I have also done 6 different diplomas for my relatives."

Check out the video below;

Kenyans had a lot to say after watching the video. Some of the comments are below;

adahtanui Aaaaiiiii That is being Selfish and Self-centered bat the same time

dean_aladdean This man is full of himself and has nothing in that bald head.

miss_moniks Being that educated to become a politician in this country is a waste...I wish people who have that much education would become professionals in other fields..To honestly do some serious work...Politics in Kenya should be left to hooligans 仄

rubbyconinterior Haki Baby!

itskiki_dee I would rather wisdom than knowledge..wisdom huyu Hana hata kidogo.

denobakof Bure Sana

kevintoo9 Zimer hiyo weed wewe

i_amkarimi Wisdom is what is needed not only knowledge

miss_odhiambo1 不不不不不不不不 this is beyond being a Luo aki

donal_ddonald35 Wachaneni ya huyu jamaa ni msomi many are jelousy because of his achievements education wise and he is proud of his achievements. Jicho pevu tuambie yako.不不不不不不3 hReply

ngaregeorge I wonder why I should have all that and still be a fool

What do you think? Is Babu lying or stretching the truth?

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