Kenyan celebs who are co-parenting

Co-parenting is the sharing of the duties of raising a child

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Co-parenting is the sharing of the duties of raising a child 

• Some of the celebs are Terence creative, Mulamwah and Kabi Wa Jesus

Comedian Terence
Terence Creative Comedian Terence
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Co-parenting is the sharing of the duties of raising a child, used especially by parents who are separated or not in a relationship.

These Kenyan celebs have had a taste of this parenting journey;  

1. Oga Obinna

The Kiss FM radio host has not been shy to publicly admit his relationship with his three baby mamas.

In an interview with buzz central, the content creator shared an experience he had with his baby mama, which later saw him end up in court after being summoned.

2. Frankie Justgymit

The fitness enthusiast has been an open book for anyone to read through.

He has not shied from speaking about his two baby Mamas, and the adorable kids they have had in the course of time.

3. Simon Kabu

On a just gone matter, Sarah Kabu revealed that Simon had two baby Mamas, who in her books were very dramatic.

She continued to say that the majority of the money from their businesses is spent on the other children and baby mamas which is taking a huge toll on Sarah.

4. Kabi Wa Jesus

Some time back, the content creator introduced Abby (his first child) to their online community after being subjected to a DNA test over the paternity and upkeep dispute. 

Shiku, his baby mama was introduced to us by the tea master Edgar Obare. 

5. Terence Creative

Njambi Waneta, who recently got engaged to a politician has two grown children, girls, aged 13 years and nine years, who she shares with the renowned comedian. 

Terence has been vocal about his co-parenting struggle remarking that he only has the chance of seeing his daughters at their school since he had no idea where they lived with their mum.

6. Mulamwah

Mulamwah and Sonie welcomed their daughter Keilah Oyando on September 20, 2021.

The comedian's baby mama took to social media on December 6, 2021, to publicly confirm that they were no longer together.

The nurse turned content creator, recently admitted he doesn't see his daughter more often but provides everything for her. 

7. Miracle Baby

she had a baby with him and he doesn't pick calls keeps giving his new girlfriend the phone.

The Genge tone turned Mugithi artist recently caught himself in a crossfire after his baby mama Tasha was featured in a show claiming that he the artist had neglected the child.

The baby Mama appealed to  Miracle baby to take responsibility for her child and send her child support to help in raising the baby.

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