Akothee ready to get married again

Akothee and her ex-husband are co-parenting

• Akothee and her ex-husband have maintained a cordial relationship even after their divorce. 

• Akothee recently broke up with her manager Nelly Oaks.

dances with his wife
Anyang Nyong'o dances with his wife
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Akothee has revealed that Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong'o and his wife inspire her to believe marriage works.

the mother of five says if she gets married again she hopes to be as patient and humble as Mrs. Nyong'o is.

"When I grow up I want to be a loving patient and a humble wife like my mentor MAMA COUNTY Her Excellency Min Lupita. 

I love the way this couple is making love to the next level."


"Role Models For marriages that last and still tight ndio hii sasa. I am learning.

 And in my next marriage, I look up to them. Women love your husband's marriage works. Love you."

Singer Akothee
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Akothee was in the past married to Jared Okello who is the father of her three daughters.

The couple tied the knot in an SDA church setting only to get divorced later.

In a post on social media post, Akothee revealed it took her years to heal from the trauma of the divorce.

 When you lose a loved one, you mourn you are broken once for the loss, you hurt you miss them, and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them," wrote Akothee.

Touching on the difference between going through a divorce especially when you have kids, Akothee says it becomes a constant battle where you are always hurt.

"But with a divorce where children are involved, if you don't choose your battle wisely, you will be broken daily, buried daily, hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment."

She added, "Breaking up with a loved one and leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes time. . If you have to divorce or break up, do it decently (sic) you are not the first or last, people survived. We are with you in prayers."

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