Juliani unimpressed by Diamond's performance

Diamond was in the country to perform during Azimio's last rally

• Rapper Juliani, said that it is unfair that Diamond was picked for the event while we have good artistes in Kenya.

• Eric Omondi called out Kenyan artistes for being 'boring, predictable and complacent'.

Juliani performing at his wedding party
Juliani performing at his wedding party
Image: couretsy

Kenyan artists have reacted after Tanzania's Diamond Platinumz was hired to perform during Azimio la Umoja's final campaign rally at Kasarani stadium on Saturday, August 6.

Some artists had mixed reactions to the decision to pick him instead of other Kenyan musicians.

Rapper Juliani said that it is unfair that an outsider artiste was picked for the event while we have good artists in Kenya.

Juliani stated that Kenyan artists would have served the purpose even better.

"Diamond in Kasarani was distateful. Any Kenyan talent would've sufficed," Juliani wrote.

Comedian Eric rebuked Kenyan artists saying they were not working hard as he congratulated his friends Diamond Platnumz.

Eric Omondi called out Kenyan artists for being 'boring, predictable and complacent.

"It says a lot that at this very definitive and historic moment in our nation none of our local musicians was found Worthy!!! I don't blame anyone but the musicians!!! Unless our Musicians rise to the occasion and take their place, this will only get worse!!! " he said.

"Listen to me, I have said this and I will say it again. Put in the work!!! We need SHOWBIZ!!! Not these BORING, PREDICTABLE, and COMPLACENT things you keep bombarding us with!!! WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!!"

The self-proclaimed president of comedy pledged to continue with his campaign towards media houses playing 75% of Kenyan music.

"I am just waiting for PARLIAMENT to Resume I will do my part and ensure we pass the 75% PlayKE but YOU MUST WAKE UP!!! PERIOD!!!!"

Diamond kicked off his performance at Kasarani with his Baba Leo hit, modifying the lyrics to praise Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua.

The superstar performed for three minutes at the Azimio La Umoja rally after which Azimio Leader took the podium to address Kenyans.

He later after Raila's speech came back and gave a thrilling performance.

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