• She has been admitted several times with multiple surgeries.

• Jahmby is running for the Dagorettu South Mp seat on August 9.

reggae jahmby koikai cloth
jahmby koikai reggae jahmby koikai cloth

Mary Njambi Koikai is running for the Dagoretti MP seat as an independent candidate. Mary also known to her radio fans as Jahmby has been on the campaign trail actively seeking out votes in the vast region.

With a few days to the General election, Jahmby is recalling her dark days suffering from endometriosis. 

"I've been in deep thought about my life and my purpose. I battled Endometriosis and Adenomyosis for close to 20 years."

The Reggae MC's health crisis affected her mentally.

" I lost friends, jobs, relationships, lost some of my organs to this disease, and dealt with a whole load of physical and mental trauma."

She added,

"The tubes in my chest in this picture were not all fixed in one day. It started with one chest tube, then the regular x-ray sessions the following morning showed I had some pockets of water in my lungs. I was taken into the operating room and another chest tube was inserted. On the third day, the x-ray sessions showed more water up my ribs. Another chest tube was added. The fourth day, the same thing."

Sharing a photo lying in a hospital bed, Jahmby explained how it took a toll on her body.

"Fifth day, my doctor walked in and said to me, 'Your chest is filled with tubes and we've found more fluid up closer to your breast. We can access that point by inserting a tube in your back. I asked if they could insert the tubes on my chest so I can be able to lie on my back. I ended up with five tubes. The howling, growling and pumping of the tubes was nothing I ever imagined. My tiny body was drained, pumped with medication, and emaciated."

In spite of her tiny frame in the hospital bed, Jahmby remained positive that she would overcome and be released.

"I never cried. Instead, I was caught up in thought. The prospects of surviving this were not very promising and every single day presented itself with new challenges. I knew that the only thing I had to do was to stay positive and cancel any negativity. I thought about my life and the multi-faceted dynamics I've had to experience. I thought about my family and my community. This space of pain gave me more time to recoup my life's purpose and I made a commitment to God and myself that when I survive I will go back and serve the community I was born and raised in."

Getting into elective politics has not been easy but it's a defining moment for a young aspiring politician like herself.

"It's five days to the election and I cannot believe we've made it this far. This is a monumental election for us to be the change we want to see in our communities. From the provision of water to healthcare, youth unemployment to legislation and formulation of proper policies.".

A couple of days ago, Jahmby took to her social media to appeal for votes. 

"A few days to go before the elections. I have taken the chance to be the change I'd like to see in my community."

In another meeting in the locality with women. Njambi told them her campaign manifesto

"Our mothers and women in Dagoretti South deserve more economic opportunities, social structures to support them and cushion them from the indignity of poverty."

While appealing to women voters, Jahmby Koikai said women are the pillars who build a society and the foundation and strength of an established community

"I aspire to do more than see us return to the pre-crisis status quo, to be the change as more than a slogan for the development of our constituency. This was a women's group meeting in the Kagondo area. Many thanks to everyone who's been supporting me in this campaign."

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