Zuchu clarifies on the real reason she left Diamond Platnumz

• There were rumours that she left after the WCB boss introduced his ex, Sarah, on stage during a recent music festival in Tanzania.

Diamond Platnumz with Zuchu
Image: YouTube

Bongo Queen Zuhura Othman, famously known as Zuchu, has finally come forward to clarify why she left her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For a long time, these two Bongo music stars, who appear to have a good musical collaboration, have been believed to be in a romantic relationship that has had many ups and downs.

However, recently Zuchu was reported to have broken off the relationship, with many rumors circulating about the situation.

In her statement on Tuesday, the daughter of Taarab queen Khadija Kopa explained that Diamond easily made her a target through his controversial life.

She criticised her partner for putting her in a position where she's not respected by people, a situation she's tired of.

"I know being famous and talked about is normal. But kindly don't go overboard giving me false praises just to glorify the boss, especially in the local media where you can also get the truth and balance your stories," Zuchu complained on her Instagram page.

She continued, "This is the real reason why I left. It's tiring to be with a man who pushes you to people to be insulted, and he's the one used to humiliate you.

His woman is everyone's doormat, whoever decides, they join him and give them reasons to disrespect me while you remain silent and all you do is sit and swallow. I'm trying to be a good person, but the weak link in my life is him."

The beautiful singer called on people to be straightforward with her and allow her to have peace.

She complained that every time something happens involving people in Diamond's life, including his co-parents and former lovers, the blame is always directed at her.

"You don't sit down to say it's his fault, the one causing someone to want to leave him. Baby mamas wake up angry, and they come and throw their attitudes at Zuchu.

Unknown exes, their content is given to say it's Zuchu. My enemies join forces with them when they sit down with that man and give them strength; it's Zuchu," she wrote.

Zuchu's statement comes as she's reported to have split from Diamond. There were rumours that she left after the WCB boss introduced his ex, Sarah, on stage during a recent music festival in Tanzania.

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