• Rich Mitindo has thanked God for the blessing as he expresses his exhilarating joy.

• Fans and celebrities have packed his comment section with congratulatory messages.

Jacqueline Wolper and her new boyfriend
Jacqueline Wolper and her new boyfriend

Tanzanian actress-cum-businesswoman Jackeline Wolper and her fiance Rich Mitindo are expecting their second child together.

Taking to his Instagram account Mitindo announced the good news to his fans and followers, as he could not hold back his bubbling excitement.

He has God for the blessing and also expressed how eagerly they are waiting to welcome their second baby.

"Asante Mungu kwa hii zawadi nyingine, Wakati tulipofikiri kwamba tumebarikiwa Mtoto wa kwanza ajabu Mungu Kaonyesha Miujiza yake nakutupa furaha nyingine nasubiri kwa hamu ujio wako,

karibu sana mwanangu, Mama yako Anakupenda sana. Pia mimi na Kaka yako maombi yetu yapo juu yako 🙏(Thank you God for another gift, just when we thought God had blessed us with our first amazing child, God has shown how miraculous He is and has gifted us another happiness.

I am eagerly waiting for your coming, you very welcome my child, Your mother loves you very much and also your brother and I, our prayers are upon you.)"

Fans and celebrities have packed his comment section with congratulatory messages wishing them more blessings and good health.

Zamaradimketema:Hongereni sana kwa kuongeza familia!!MUNGU awalindie watoto wenu na wakawe BARAKA kwa familia na jamii nzima 🙏(Many congratulations for adding another family member!!May God protect children and may they become a blessing to the family and the whole the society🙏)

Auntyezekiel:Hongereni sana familia yangu Wakati wa Mungu ndio wakati sahihi!🙏❤️ (Many congratulations my family God's time is the best time🙏❤️)

Precious Lightness:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ adi rahaa jamani watoto ni Baraka sanaaa (Just happiness my goodness children are really a blessing) 

Janethdunsy:❤️tunawaombea (❤️We are praying for you)

Harmonize's ex-girlfriend Jackeline Wolper and the husband got engaged in August 2021 after welcoming their firstborn child

Mitindo went on his one knee and proposed to the actress who said yes and accepted his ring. Rich Mitindo said she and her baby daddy had dated before but broke up and went their separate ways.

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