Anita Nderu reveals she imported her unborn baby's clothing

Anita Nderu is excited for her unborn babys arrival and is actively preparing

• In Anita's latest video, she shows the items she bought.

• The first time mum can't keep calm for Peanut.

Anita Nderu showcasing her baby bump in a cute dress
Anita Nderu showcasing her baby bump in a cute dress
Image: courtesy

It is only the finest for content creator Anita Nderu's unborn baby. The former Capital FM presenter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her bundle of joy and has been preparing for it.

Anita told that she has imported her baby's clothing. "The final shipment of nursery, and Peanut's first few months items have arrived and I'm kind of emotional."

Anita has christened her unborn baby Peanut.

She has not revealed how much she is spending to prepare for Peanut's arrival, but we can bet it's a pretty penny.

Anita added her joy by saying,

"I have really enjoyed redecorating and researching and shopping online for all the things we need and this feels so final for some reason."

Anita has hinted she has gone over and beyond to make sure Peanut wears only the best that money can buy

"Not the wardrobe though! Peanut's wardrobe will be like her mummy's. It will always be a work in progress. Maybe I'll find another room to decorate to pass time."

The fact that Anita is trying to pass time tells us she is in the nesting stage of pregnancy, meaning her baby will be here very soon.

Expectant mums tend to keep busy when it's only a few weeks to the baby's arrival. 

Another new mum who imported all her baby's clothing was Vera Sidika. Vera in several updates last year said that her baby daughter's bed cost sh300,000. The items were imported from the UK and the US.

“Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At 6 months. So magical. Damn. The girl is sleeping on a bed worth Ksh. 300, 000 from the UK. How I wish I had this life as a newborn.

Kweli its true, we work hard to give our kids what we never had. Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for the babies,” Vera revealed.

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