I'm not a simp for Chantal - Eric Omondi blasts KOT

Eric Omondi has been bashed by Kenyans for comin to ex Chantals defence

•Eric has been called a simp for his handling of her domestic abuse case

•Eric hass made it clear that despite their breakup, he still has a friendly relationship with Chantal

Eric Omondi and Chantal Graziano
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Eric Omondi has hit back at claims he is a simp for ex-Chantal Grazioli.

Eric has trended online for coming to the defence of his ex and exposing her boyfriend for domestic abuse.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Eric lashed out at haters, insisting he is friends with Chantal and will do anything to protect her.

"But I want to be on the record today that Eric Omondi and Chantal were in love and lived together and dated for almost four years. We almost got married. "

I met Chantal at 18, We dated, and we even got engaged. I am forty right now, and let it go on the record because hii story Kenyans have refused it, to get into their heads that it is possible to date even get married and it is also possible to go your separate ways amicably and still stay as friends."

Eric explained, "It is not an impossibility. I know 99 per cent of breakups end up ugly that's why there are jokes and memes about exes. Me and Chantal we talk, we are friends, we shared a lot together and we created a certain bond and when I and Chantal parted our ways it was because of certain things that I made public."

Is he still in love with Chantal? Eric Omondi responded,

"That is people's opinion. Me and Chantal dated for over three and a half years. And we parted our ways very amicably. I don't know why Kenyans are refusing to accept that part."

Eric also disclosed the reason for the breakup being she got a job offer abroad and a long-distance relationship would be difficult. He advised her to take the job and agreed to split.

"Chantal got some job with emirates which she never managed to do because of covid it was in 2020, and we sat down and we spoke, me and Chantal just like how we used to, and we sat down and I told her, 'I was 37... 38 I'm doing my comedy, my career is doing well, I'm doing what I love doing I'm happy, I'm achieving what I want to achieve. I'm at an age where sasa I'm a mubaba'.

Chantal was 20, she was freaking 20, she was just about to begin her life, hata she hadn't completed college she had left 8 months to go. Me I finished college in 1974, mimi ni mubaba so it is in that situation I told Chantal to go."  

He explained why he urged her to follow her dreams

"If you have gotten an opportunity and this is what you want to do, go and follow your dreams because you are 20 hajalive maisha yake. So we discussed this for almost 3 months and I said I will support her, we parted and I said whatever you need call me."

Chantal's call for help came recently when she called him crying.

"Chantal alinicall akilia, she is like my small sister In that context, because we are no longer dating. She is like my friend, so Mpasho please tell Kenyans that Chantal and I have been okay, and that's why I can pick up the phone and call, and Chantal explained to Kenyans yesterday that she has gone through this not once but  thrice, it was the worst of it all."

He added, "The reason she called this guy was trying to tell her that he knows powerful people and that's why Chantal called  Eric Omondi because I'm a very powerful individual in this country.

She called me because we are friends and it's possible for you and me to date, in life it is not a must you get married, we don't let our friendship end."

Eric insisted he would do the same for any other woman calling him about domestic violence

"So this issue of I'm in love with Chantal or I am simping, it is so uncouth. I'm seeing people on Twitter even equating this to Eric Omondi is a simp, Eric Omondi is clout chasing,  how are you as a woman seeing another woman being beaten and say it's clout?  Ati Eric is simping."


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