'Chantal has been persevering abuse for months,' Eric Omondi claims

'Nicola Traldi is a narcissist' Eric Omondi exposes Chantals boyfriend

• Chantal and Eric Omondi broke up after having dated for 4 years.

• The ex-couple have remained friends despite their break-up.

Eric Omondi and Chantal Graziano
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Eric Omondi has for the first time claimed that his ex, Chantal, has been in an abusive relationship.

He says that contrary to what people are assuming Chantal has been persevering abuse in her relationship for months.

"This guy is a narcissist. What pains me is that the physical assault is something that has been happening for a long time," Eric Omondi alleged.

The comedian revealed that Chantal suffered a fractured limb, even earlier posting X-Ray images to prove his claim.

Chantal has told off people assuming that the violence meted out on her is not something serious.

"I saw some people taking this as a joke. It's not a joke. I can walk properly, I'm injured and broken." 


"Violence is not something to be taken lightly or joked about. There are people going through it, and I'm thankful to Eric for speaking about it and taking his time to come through."

She then urged Kenyans who might be going through the same to speak about it.

"If you are out there experiencing the same, please be strong and seek help. You are not alone."

Her ex-boyfriend Nicola ( who Eric has claimed abused Chantal) has maintained that he didn't physically assault her.

Speaking to EDAILY in a past interview Eric Omondi said upon granting Chantal her wish, they agreed that they terminate their romantic relationship but remain as friends.

“What Kenyans did not know is that Chantal has never been Kenyan; she is Italian. Whenever she jetted into Kenya, she always came to visit me. With her tourist visa, she cannot work in the country. And, she recently asked me if I can allow her to permanently stay in Italy and get formal employment there."

Eric said he decided to let Chantal go because he wanted the best for her.

"And because I had seen her stay in my house doing nothing meaningful, I saw it wise to grant her her request. Given we would stay far apart from each other over an unknown period, we reached a mutual agreement to end the relationship,” Eric Omondi said.

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