Amekuwa Musa?! Read Eric Omondi's hilarious 10 commandments

Eric Omondi plays Moses as he recreated the 10 commandments

 • Eric Omondi recreated the story of the burning bush before descending Mt. Sinai with his own commandments.

• Eric Omondi is currently in Egypt where he has been entertaining his fans.  

shares ten commandments he got from Mt. Sinai
Eric Omondi shares ten commandments he got from Mt. Sinai
Image: Eric Omondi/ courtesy

When he calls himself the president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi knows he is right and has earned himself the title.

The comic goes above and beyond to entertain his close to 4 million Instagram followers, sometimes putting his life on the line while either entertaining people or fighting for his fellow content creators.

Omondi is currently in Egypt where he has been entertaining his fans from across the continent and made sure he took advantage of his first visit to the North African country.

He visited Mt. Sinai, the famous mountain where Moses from the bible was handed a tablet of commandments by God.

Omondi recreated the story before descending Mt. Sinai with his own commandments which he was directing to the entertainment industry.

The commandments touched on the issue of Kenyan artists curtain-raising for international artists, the issue of MCSK sending peanuts to creatives, content creators influencing for free as well as the issue of playing 75% of Kenyan music on local radio and TV stations.

He got in touch with his spiritual side and listed being prayerful and God-fearing as one of the commandments.

Omondi as always, also took a swipe at his nemesis, Bien Aime of Sauti Sol by listing his name on his tablet, without saying much.

The award-winning comedian signed off by calling upon his fans, colleagues, and peers to always put some respek on his name!

Below is a list of Eric 'Moses' Omondi's ten commandments;

1. Thou shall not curtain raise

2. MCSK thou shall not send thao

3. Thou shall not influence free

4. Thou shall play 75%

5. Thou shall support your own

6. Thou shall not sleep amkeeni bwana

7. Thou shall be prayerful and God-fearing

8. Thou shall respect your elders

9. Bien

10. Thou shall respect the president.

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