Uhuru inspired Eric Omondi to start hitting the gym

How President Uhuru Kenyatta inspired Eric Omondi to join the gym

• Eric Omondi says President Uhuru wasn't pleased with how skinny he looked.

• Eric Omondi has been accused of using drugs to grow muscles.

Eric Omondi
The president of comedy Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that an interaction with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 inspired him to start hitting the gym.

He says the President was not pleased with his skinny frame. Sharing a TBT of himself and President Kenyatta, the comedian captioned

"I'll never forget this day. It was 13th May 2018. The President held me by the shoulders, looked me straight in the eye, shook me thrice, and said 'Kula Bwana, Mwili ni mfupa tupu.' That day I went home got a meal plan and bought a gym. The rest is history."

and President Uhuru Kenyatta
Eric Omondi and President Uhuru Kenyatta
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi's photographer Kapedo had in a past interview with Mungai Eve revealed that he edits the comedian's photos to make him look bigger.

"Tunaeka abs, na kakifua. Ata kuna time ule chibudi chibude alikuwa anaekwa. It’s photography, it’s all about making someone looks good… Apo ni 100k safi. For a random shoot he pays 70K, it does not matter how many photos.”

Kapedo says he got to work with Eric after Covid-19 hit Kenya.

"I used to perform in Churchill Raw before covid-19 came. I had tried even selling clothes but it was not working out. I tried reaching out to so many people but it's only Eric who responded. He told me he had a project about mental health.

I took some photos and when I did, he loved them, and to date, I am the one who takes his photos. I do not blame those who never responded because I had not made my brand what it is now.

Eric had for years been a skinny guy but thanks to his gym instructor he is now more buff and we love the transformation.

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