Watch: Hilarious clip of Ferdinand Omanyala clowning Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi challenged the fastest man in Africa, Ferdinand Omanyala what ensued is pure clowning

• Eric posted a video of him and the athlete in full gear competing on the track

• Ferdinard Omondi is currently the fastest man in Africa

Eric Omondi
The president of comedy Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi was not lying when he said he feels odd when the net is quiet and he is not the centre of attention, he confirmed he does not mind social media pressure but actually craves it.

Barely a few days after the media personality threw people into a frenzy after confirming he had spent close to half a million on two pairs of shoes he is back at it again.

Eric decided to challenge the fastest man in Africa, Ferdinand Omanyala, on the track.

I mean if you are going to challenge the top gun at least do it outside his turf somewhere where you have an underground or something. I bet Ferdinand is not that great a swimmer or he can not shoot hoops.

Eric posted a video on his Instagram with him and the athlete slightly prepping for the race in full gear.

In full sprint, Eric raced towards the finish line while Omanyala casually jogged backwards without putting in much effort.

He captioned the video, "Hii ni madharau gani sasa? Bora nimeshinda  (What sort of disrespect is this? As long as I have defeated) @Ferdiomanyala."

Watch the hilarious clip below.


But he did not stop there.

He challenged a female athlete he referred to as Tundu to a race. The hilarious bit is she gave Eric a whole 60 meter headstart but he still was not fast enough.

Tundu passed the comedian on the track in no time and went on to win the race.

Eric captioned the video," Hawa watu ni Wachawi alafu wanajifanya ati ni Athletes. ( These people are witches but are out here pretending to be athletes)... Huyu dem anaitwa Tundu amenipea 60 Meter Head Start na bado amenipita( This lady called Tundu gave me a 60 meter headstart but still passed me and won)... How is that even possible?"

Maybe Eric should step out of the gym and his crazy antics and try stretching his legs in the tracks a little more.

But you honestly have to love the guy, he is creative with the content he delivers.

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