ODM Leader Raila Odinga
ODM Leader Raila Odinga

Leader of opposition Raila Odinga has narrated how his activism landed him in the worst prison in Kenya, Manyani Maximum Prison in Voi.

He described the conditions at the prison saying that there were no beds and he was always thrown into solitary confinement.

Things got worse when he got sick and the guards would not believe him.

"When I was sick in prison and they had given me the wrong medicine, I was feeling a lot of pain in my head and I was detained in Manyani and when the train was passing, I could hear the pain in my head.

I kept telling them, I'm sick and they would ignore me. They said I was pretending I went on a hunger strike and the prison officers read me the riot act saying they told me they would force feed me I told them, 'Go to hell' and I will not accept to eat till I get proper treatment."

Due to his stubborn stance, he was thrown into solitary confinement.

"At night I would shout very loudly, I was in solitary confinement, the other prisoners would hear me. I was getting worse in the morning when the guards came in, my entire hand was swollen, that is when they moved me from Manyani to Kamiti maximum prison."

Raila was still in survival mode, at Kamiti he befriended a prison guard and convinced him to pass a note to Ida on the outside asking for a proper doctor's prognosis.

"I wrote a note on toilet paper and requested a guard to secretly give it to my wife Ida. Ida went and talked to a docter who prescibed medicine she gave it to the askari to smugle the medicine to me in the cells, Ida wrote me a letter on how to use the prescription. At the time, I could not read it well because my head was still hurting, I put it under my pillow and forgot about it.

One day when they came to do a search, there are two blankets one on the floor and one you cover yourself with, they found the letter and they asked me where I got it from."

This led to Ida eventually losing her job, the first of many she lost during the numerous incarcerations of Raila.

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Here are photos from inside Manyani Maximum Security Prison that show how bad life is like in detention.

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