• One person feels like they're the one usually reaching out to the other and giving their all.

• The other person is rarely the one to reach out and make first contact.

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A healthy relationship is one that has mutual honesty, trust, and commitment between both partners.

However, when it comes to a one-sided relationship it often feels like one person is investing most of the energy, time, effort, and money into making the relationship work.

One person feels like they're the one usually reaching out to the other and giving their all.

In such a relationship, one person is doing most of the work, whether it is financially, physically, emotionally, or mentally. This can be draining and difficult to sustain over the long interspace.

You're always the first one to initiate the communication

Your significant other is never willing to start the conversation so you get yourself texting 'good morning' texts every day and if you don't you might as well get the silent treatment for a whole day.

The other person is rarely the one to reach out and make first contact. Instead, you are expected to start nearly every conversation and initiate almost all interactions.

Sacrificing everything to make the other person happy

In such cases, you find that you're the only one who is sacrificing time, money, and giving your all just to give life to the relationship.

You might feel like you have to ignore your own wants and needs when you're the only person who keeps surprising your partner with everything nice like a dinner out or some gifts and flowers and sadly they don't reciprocate.

Making most major relationship decisions on your own

When it comes to decision making you find that your partner is uninterested and now you have to take the whole responsibility on your own.

You get yourself carrying the weight of major choices on your back with minimal input or investment from the other person.

It should be mutual where a conversation on an agreement comes up automatically.

Dealing with insecurities and cannot  tell  your position in your partner's life

When the other person makes you doubt their intention towards you and they don’t seem to care or don't put in much effort.

When they can't spare time for you and is always out and about to meet everyone mostly of the opposite gender.

Also when you find you're the only person that shares photos of them publicly and they cannot do the same.

Poor communication

You might keep assuming things simply because there is no communication at all. When you also communicate they do not give room to listen and you end up feeling unsatisfied.

Imbalanced financial contributions

You are the one who has to pay for all of your shared expenses. Why should one ask for a date or plan one and fail to cater for it?

Always being the one to apologize:

After a conflict or argument, the other person rarely reaches out to take responsibility for their actions or make amends for the harm they have done. Instead, you are usually the one to say you are sorry in order to move past the problem.

Making excuses

You find yourself often making excuses for why the other person isn’t contributing to the relationship.

The other person is frequently having a bad day or dealing with stress that prevents them from showing up for you.

It's important to look at whether or not both parties are equally invested in the relationship.

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