• Natalie also does content creation

• Natalie told fans that there are misconceptions about her 

Natalie Githinji radio
NRG presenter smile Natalie Githinji radio

NRG Breakfast Club Radio Host and content creator Natalie Githinji is facing allegations from fans that she is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Through her Instagram stories, Natalie opened up that peoples misconceptions are not her problem.

In a Q&a, one fan asked "Are you straight?"

Natalie responded"Yes 1qb...if that's what you are asking"

A similar question on her orientation was "Are you straight azn do you do gels coz iLike you"

Natalie said, "No I don't do girls...but thanks."

A third query had to do with her dating life "Hunanga mtu kwani?" Githinji laughed and sympathized with the fan "Hii kitu inawasumbua sana. almost 50 questions about the same  sina na sitaki mtu"

"Are you single juu hatujai ona your special someone."

"Sinanga aki but ata akikuja hamutawahi muona."

Natalie is rumored to have dated Thee Pluto, Andrew Trevor and Dj Shawn.

NRG Natalie Githinji on LGBTQ
natalie githinji instagram NRG Natalie Githinji on LGBTQ

Natalie while commenting about it friend zoned these individuals.

For Dj Shawn Natali tagged him asking "have you  naah...Shawn is my ki bestie  and not bestie bestie chubwi..priss"

Natlie said Andrew is "Noooo..he's my G kibrathe."

For Thee Pluto Natalie laughed, "Please let me clear this..I have never dated Thee Pluto or any of his brothers..Sam Tollad and I were once working as models..NO FEELINGS at all...never have, never will..so let's cut the rumors kindly.."

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