Lesson learnt! Mishi Dorah parties hard as sponyo pays her bill

Nairobi Diaries Star Mishi Dorah Charged With Failing To Clear Ksh.152k Bar Bill

• Mishi allegedly ordered food and high-end drinks at Golden Ice bistro. 

• Mishi denied the charges, pleading not guilty before magistrate Monicah Maroro last week.

in a past interview
Mishi Dora in a past interview
Image: Mpasho

Former Nairobi Dairies actress Mishi Dora's date with the courts last week Friday seemed to have been a turning point for the outspoken socialite.

Mishi spent the weekend partying but this time around, she did not buy anyone drinks. Mishi said that she was relying on friends, more specifically a 'sponsor' to pay for the alcohol.

Giggling about her tribulations, Mishi captioned a moment in the club with Dorea Chege writing, "Kila kitu ni nyama."

Tagging a friend, Mishi also assured fans that this was the person paying the bill to avoid her tribulations.

"Sponyo made sure that the bill was paid."

Let's not forget that Mishi spent a month in jail over an unpaid bill that totaled sh152k.

On June 3, 2022, Nairobi Diaries star Clara Ojenga aka Mishi Dorah was charged with pretentiously obtaining credit after failing to clear a Ksh.152,550 bill accrued at a local entertainment joint on the night of May 26, 2022.

A Kibera court heard Mishi allegedly ordered food and high-end drinks at Golden Bistro, but could not pay the bill.

in a file photo
Mishi Dorah in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Mishi Dora placed an order for chicken costing  Ksh.3,000, a cocktail drink worth Ksh.2,000, mineral water worth Ksh.300, two coca-cola drinks valued at Ksh.500, and three bottles of Redbull which set her back Ksh.1,650.

She also ordered 7  bottles of Hennessy at Ksh.70,000 and six bottles of Belaire valued at Ksh.75,000.

When asked to clear the bill before checking out, Mishi Dora claimed that her ATM card was not operational going as far as asking the club's management to accompany her to her home to collect the cash.

The club's bosses obliged but Mishi was still unable to foot the bill when they arrived at her residence. She subsequently pleaded with the club's management to give her until May 30, 2022, to clear the bill but the club reported the incident to the police after she started avoiding phone calls. She was arrested soon after and arraigned in court. 

Mishi denied the charges, pleading not guilty before magistrate Monicah Maroro who released her on a cash bail of Ksh.50,000 and an alternative bond of Ksh.100,000 with a similar amount as a surety.

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