Mama Mueni's boyfriend visits my house- Diana Marua

Diana Marua: Yvette respects my position as Bahati's wife

• Fans have been warning Diana against mingling and inviting Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura to her house.

• Diana said they live in a mutual respectable space. 

During a recent interview on Diana's YouTube channel
Yvette Obura and Diana Marua During a recent interview on Diana's YouTube channel

Bahati's wife Diana Marua does not mind Mama Mueni visiting her house anytime.

According to Diana, Yvette is family as long as she has her husband's child.

Well, fans have been warning her against mingling and inviting Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura to her house.

According to Diana, both Bahati and Yvette have respect for her as the wife in that house.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Diana said her friendship with Yvette is purely for the better of their daughter Mueni.

"It's time and it reveals everything. Mama Mueni and I are in a good space right now. She told me how she used to roll eyes when her daughter praised me which I understand but she realized that is the kind of a person I am," Diana said.

She added;

"Do good and eventually good things will follow you. Nature just fell into place."

A while ago, Diana shared a video of Yvette bonding with her daughter Heaven Bahati with the caption;

 "Just like that.... @HeavenBahati has found another Mummy 😁 She says mama Mueni is her Mummy and who I'm I to say a word?"

A fan identified as Elizabeth 123033 warned Diana from being too open to Bahati's baby mama.

She said if Diana is not careful, Mama Mueni would end up getting another baby with her ex-lover Bahati

"Diana, I repeat… you will regret it, just a matter of time, her second born will be Bahati's kid once again," the fan wrote.

Speaking about Yvette and Bahati, Diana said they live in a mutually respectable space.

"She respects my position and I respect hers and Bahati respects both of us," she said.

"As long as Mueni is there I will never avoid Mama Mueni. She will be part of our family. She respects the relationship that I have with Bahati."

Diana added that Yvette is already in a relationship elsewhere and they all respect that.

"Sometimes when dropping Mueni, she comes with her boyfriend and I respect that," she said. 

"The rest of people who want to say whatever they are saying, that is background noise. Thank you my fans for the great feedback. I will continue being myself."

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